Zhou Zixuan quickly stopped Duan saixia and said with a smile: how can it be? Taoist friends are people of the Tao. They must keep their words and will never fool us

Finally, the leader nodded. The girl jumped into the carriage happily. The eldest brother and the second brother couldn\’t stop it, and her face was going to be green. Elder brother, you wait for me to go home and tell my parents. The girl made a face. I\’m afraid of you. Obviously, she was very popular at home and she was very lively. After getting on the carriage, she explained her purpose here without saying anything. It is said that miss Linlang\’s singing and dancing is the best in the world. How can I not come and have a look? I said to see it before, but my father insisted, so I had to sneak out. It is estimated that no father is willing to let his children run to the brothel. I want to worship Bai Xiaosheng as a master and write a truly respected history of Wulin. Of course, I have to work hard now. Try to find out the news and gossip. Get something first and then go to the teacher. The leader of the sect was elated when she said, and suddenly said, so you want to know about the demon sect. The girl was stiff, then smiled at him, hahaha, she was found. She is very single. She seems not afraid of what he will do to her. Is there a sign of evil cult on your carriage? I just saw it and wanted to go to the master. How can I not take out something? Those gossip have no connotation. You see, meeting is fate. You have heard my great ambition, hero, can you tell me something. She even hit the snake stick, but the leader noticed that she looked defenseless, but her body leaned towards Yu Jiu. She probably saw the sign on the carriage before entering the wine shop, so she tried to get in touch with them. It was estimated that she really told them before. Seeing that her Kung Fu was just a three legged cat, it was probably true. It seems that she saw that he didn\’t have much intention to kill. She was relieved. I didn\’t listen to your gossip for nothing. I didn\’t boast. There are well-informed people in the Jianghu. Except Bai Xiaosheng, it must be me. A message from Bai Xiaosheng\’s Qianji building is very expensive. It\’s your first time to the Central Plains. I can tell you about the Wulin in the Central Plains and the Wulin conference, Although I\’m not good at Kung Fu, my eldest brother and second brother are still famous in the Jianghu. If we take them with us, you\’ll certainly be — Master Tao, the cloud water swordsman wears cloud arrows, but not only a little famous. Yun Lingling, the eldest lady of the cloud family in Yunwu mountain. Yun Lingling opened her mouth and spit out after half a ring. You know. She felt a little crisis at the moment. She thought she was a member of the demon sect before. How rare it was. She was like a family treasure to the right way, but she was still confused about the demon sect. She didn\’t tell the truth just now. She only told half. She came here to see the first song and dance in the Jianghu and the demon sect. She didn\’t dare to tell this to her eldest brother and second brother, otherwise she would have been packed and sent back, She thought that this was a person with some status in the demon sect at most, but when they were low-key, she said their identity at a glance. She whispered in her heart and subconsciously looked at Yu Jiu, sister. I swear, I really have no bad heart. Otherwise, let me go down. I\’m a little scared now. Yu Jiudao, I don\’t count here. The sound of the harp is as beautiful as the sound of nature. It seems that it can hook people\’s souls away. She hasn\’t spoken before. Yun Lingling is curious why she took a hat and didn\’t even take it off when she got to the carriage. At first hearing this sound, Yun Lingling stiffened for a few minutes and suddenly her eyes lit up, sister! I just said it for fun. If I don\’t go, how can I go down? Riding is not comfortable. Cloud water swordsman and cloud arrow near the carriage: before they hired her a carriage, she didn\’t want to do it. How could they have such a bad sister! But look, it\’s probably okay. Now, Yun Lingling didn\’t think about the leader, but instead pestered Yu Jiu. She beat around the Bush and wanted her to take off her hat. She exclaimed, I just heard my sister\’s voice, almost like in a dream. I really can\’t think of what kind of face should not match my sister\’s voice. Listen to this voice, you are a beautiful woman! She didn\’t look carefully before. This exposed wrist is as white as snow, which is the dazzling array she saw before. It\’s estimated that she doesn\’t have such a pair of hands! Nangong Lin has seen it, and Lin Jing of Youlan Valley has seen it a year ago. She hasn\’t seen the music color sound of Fuyao Pavilion, but Yu Jiu obviously doesn\’t match the characteristics of music color sound. The musical instruments used in Fuyao Pavilion. Seeing that the name given to her by the master of Fuyao Pavilion is music color sound, she knows what hope she has for her, but music color sound finally practices sword, not only practice, He practiced very well and wanted to worship the first swordsman, ye non fish, as his master.

The leader is an extremely young man. He looks only 30 years old, but his actual age is 200 years old! His expression was serious. He just gave orders to Duan Qiong and Duan Xiyan, and handed them over to his senior brothers and sisters. Duan Qiong and Duan Xiyan complained jokingly that they didn\’t even have an apprenticeship ceremony

Yu Xiaoxiao: — then you are not alone now. Her expression changed several times and finally returned to calm, but how thin the calm is. They both know that you haven\’t entered the top ten of the grade yet. She took the lead in walking away. She didn\’t want to admit her embarrassment at all. When she left, she bumped into the table and nearly fell down. Yu Jiu walked behind her. Be careful and come first. As one side of the attack, Yu Jiu was able to win day by day, but Yu Xiaoxiao had revealed her disadvantage. What\’s more, her mentality collapsed. In the mock test after the winter vacation, she changed from the first grade to the third, while Yu Jiu was the fourth, and her Chinese was just one point more than her. Yu Jiudao, it seems that the outcome is divided. Yu Xiaoxiao looked at the report card and suddenly looked at her test paper. There were several questions that she couldn\’t have done wrong, but she did wrong. She couldn\’t remember what she was thinking at that time. Her face is pale. What she said before has really become a joke. The younger brother coaxed, elder sister, have you figured out what to let her do? Yeah, yeah, come on. We\’re all waiting. Hahaha, elder sister, you said you were going to be the second in grade. They also said you were talking big. They didn\’t have eyes! In fact, Yu Jiu\’s change from No. 17 to No. 4 has not shocked the students. After knowing that she is a kind of genius, it has become a matter of course, because she is a genius. Because she is a genius, isn\’t it a matter of course that she has made such achievements? Even those who were surpassed didn\’t feel anything, but smiled. These ridicules seemed to turn into blades, leaving her black and blue. The only self-esteem allowed her to maintain her final dignity and admit defeat. What conditions do you say. If you can\’t afford to lose, you will be more despised. Since I took the initiative to bet, of course I won\’t go back. Word by word, she began to think that Yu Jiuhui would humiliate her so much. How could a person like her miss such an opportunity. But I can see Yu\’s wine floating gently. I want to thank Yu for his encouragement this year. Without Yu\’s encouragement, I can\’t have the current progress speed, so how can I take the opportunity to let Yu do anything. Forget it. But I will keep it in my heart and thank you from time to time. Yu Xiaoxiao almost spewed out a mouthful of blood, and the students have begun to praise Yu wine. Before, I had been biased against you. Now it seems that I misunderstood. Yes, I didn\’t expect you to be so generous. I was biased against you before. Smile, you\’re not happy. Thank you for your wine. Your surname reads the same. You are very lucky.

Chapter 43 mountain climbing

Yu Jiu glanced at the comments and snorted coldly from time to time. The album was released immediately. Wu Yun was anxious. On the contrary, she was calm. Wu Yun was depressed that the emperor was not anxious and the eunuch was anxious. The company made a heavy copy for your album. If you were too miserable, your next album would be far away. She was naturally happy at the beginning of the additional investment. Now she is often poured cold water, which makes her uneasy. It makes her vigorous. If the sales are too bad, they will wait to be laughed at at at that time. In this way, it\’s better not to make additional investment before. Yu Jiudao, impossible. She is sure that this album is full of selected classic songs, and her own interpretation is impeccable. She doesn\’t believe that this album will hit the street, but this can\’t be said to Wu Yun, that is, we can\’t make an album. We can go to the performing arts circle. Look at my face, don\’t you worry about making a film? Wu Yun was speechless by her narcissism, but she felt relieved in the end. If you\’re still worried, I\’ll record a video? December 25th, see you or leave. [Video]. In the video, a girl dressed in simple clothes plays slowly with her guitar. The flirtatious posture in the publicity PV is completely gone. She sits in the sunshine room and humms a strange song. Her white to almost transparent fingers gently fiddle with the strings, which is holy and ethereal, just like an angel coming into the world. People indulge in the artistic conception she created until the song is finished, Her fingers stopped, tilted her head to the camera and showed a brilliant smile, just as the sunlight condensed into an entity, turned into a flower and bloomed its petals layer by layer.!!!!! A blank! See you or leave! Go on!! God, God, is this wine? Goblin like wine? The two completely different temperaments are also extremely opposite. In addition to the facial features, people can\’t believe that this is a person. Not to mention the fans, passers-by were shocked and remembered that her new album was thousand faces. Are these two styles in the album? Originally, the publicity heat has decreased slightly. This video directly pushed the heat of the album back to the first. The song she sang was also suspected to be a new song of the new album. I can\’t hear the lyrics, but I can also feel the melody. But le Han is like seeing a ghost again. How can she make so much progress in just a few months! She knows the level of Yu Jiu, which is higher than her, but not much higher. In the video, Yu Jiu hummed, but it gives people a mellow feeling of Flowing Clouds and water, which can move people\’s hearts at will. How is this possible

Duan Qiong said hello to the people and wanted to go out for a stroll, but she was stopped by the old slave of the house

When Ai Yun saw Meng Jiao, he had the illusion that he was separated from the world. He hadn\’t thought of Meng Jiao for a long time. This is his nominal lover. In fact, Ai Yun doesn\’t want to see Meng Jiao. In other words, he is such a man with strong self-esteem. He doesn\’t want his former lover to see that he is now so down and out. In the past, in their love, Ai Yun was indisputably the superior, while Meng Jiao was in the inferior, trying to please him. Ai Yun always knew this in his heart, and he always controlled Meng Jiao\’s thoughts and actions. Now, he is no longer superior, nor is he the proud son of heaven. His appearance is terrible. How does Ai Yun want to see Meng Jiao under such circumstances? However, Lin Luo didn\’t come here to get in touch with Ai Yun. Therefore, Ai Yun\’s idea has no meaning to Lin Luo. \”What are you looking for me to do?\” Ai Yun\’s feelings of inferiority and self-esteem are mixed now, so that he is no longer as gentleman and elegant as before, and his words are also very mean. \”Come to see my jokes?\” \”I have something to find me. Let\’s find a place to chat.\” Meng Jiao said calmly. Ai Yun originally wanted to refuse, but somehow, he looked at Meng Jiao\’s eyes, but he agreed again, \”well, what do you want to say? Come on, I\’m busy and don\’t have time to talk to you for too long.\” is Ai Yun busy? He is very idle now. He has nothing to do. He is not busy at all. But he had to look busy. \”Find a place with a box. What I want to say can\’t be heard by others.\” they found a hotel nearby and asked for a box. After closing the door, Ai Yun immediately said, \”now you can say it.\” after Ai Yun finished, he saw Meng Jiao take out a wooden box from his bag. It looked very simple and small, about the size of a palm. What\’s in it? What does Meng Jiao mean by taking out this wooden box? When Ai Yun was confused, Meng Jiao put the wooden box in the middle of the table. Meng Jiao looks at Ai Yun and doesn\’t speak for the time being. In the past, Ai Yun would not ask the exit first, because the person who asks the exit first often falls into the disadvantage. But now, he finds that Meng Jiao has put a lot of pressure on him. Meng Jiao seems to be different from before? Ai Yun looked at the wooden box in the middle of the table and asked, \”what\’s this?\” \”do you want to see it?\” Meng Jiao asked, \”What\’s inside may change your life. Of course, it\’s unclear whether it\’s better or worse. If you go now, don\’t look at the things in this wooden box. You should also forget that I showed you a wooden box. But if you\’re not ready to go, you can\’t mention everything that has happened since just now.\” Playing tricks. Ai Yun thought with disdain.

Fang didn\’t shirk his translation. He swept it with divine knowledge and randomly selected dozens of samples. Fang also chose some. Duan Xiaomei was also allowed to choose a panacea

Open the book of soul, and on page 40, it shows a new content: task content: complete Yan Heshu\’s revenge and complete Yan Heshu\’s life. Bonus: Soul point + 11. Task completion reward: Soul point + 89, silver badge * 1. Linluo sighed gently and pressed the button on the stone tablet. Suddenly, a great force came from the stone tablet to suck Linluo in. A new mission world is coming. Humans became colonized a century ago, and this water blue planet became a colony of Homo sapiens. Lin Luo sighed again. The task this time was not easy at all. Soul point: 1920 (Note: maximum credit value – 100) current task: complete Qi Feng\’s revenge and Qi Feng\’s life. Task completion reward: Soul points ranging from 0 to 1000, gold badge * 1. Let\’s first understand the original owner. The original owner Qi Feng is a smart man. He was born in a middle-class family. However, the second-class family will also be colonized by many Homo sapiens. Qi Feng, like all the young people who are unwilling to the current situation of mankind, wants to make mankind rise and get rid of the colonization of Homo sapiens. However, this is not easy. When Qi Feng was twenty-five years old, he was selected. Don\’t get me wrong. Being chosen doesn\’t mean luck. On the contrary, it only means misfortune and death. The selected person will participate in a survival game, which will eliminate and kill everyone except the winner. Qi Feng\’s parents wept and fainted. However, like all young people who think they can, Qi Feng comforted his parents. At the same time, he also believes that he will come back alive. Although, it is so difficult to do this. Homo sapiens have a different appearance from humans. Their bodies look like jelly. In fact, they are not stronger than humans, or even more vulnerable than too busy bodies. However, the opposite is their wisdom. A century ago, when Homo sapiens came to the area where humans lived, They have surpassed mankind\’s scientific and technological level for many centuries and turned the planet into a colony of Homo sapiens. After a century of cognition, human beings have learned that there are aliens in this starry sky, and polyhomo sapiens is one of them. They are not friendly and aim at aggression.

The patriarch told them not to divulge what happened today, so he hurried away with the elder

\”I ask you, because you didn\’t look right after Tang Jinglan got pregnant yesterday, so I called you back today when your mother and Tang Jinglan went to the hospital for examination and asked you what happened!\” Shao Fu said sternly. \”So it is.\” Shao Yixuan sighed and told Shaofu everything he knew about Tang Jinglan. And Shao Fu\’s expression became more and more gloomy. After Shao Yixuan finished, Shao father sighed, \”it\’s a sin, our family has married such a daughter-in-law!\” after sighing, Shao father stared at his son, \”have you been hiding this for so long? What do you think? Divorce! Divorce is necessary!\” but…… \”Shao Yixuan wanted to say what to do with Renhui and Shao? \”No, but are you going to leave such a vicious woman in the Shao family?\” after all, Shao\’s father has experienced many things, and his heart is not as soft as Shao Yixuan. \”I know what you want to say, but even if we Shao\’s strong men break their wrists, we can never keep Tang Jinglan in the Shao family again. As for Renhui, I believe he can understand us when he grows up.\” \”If you keep Tang Jinglan again, what will you do if she teaches her children wrongly? What will she do if she does more things harmful to the Shao family?\” Shao\’s father patted the table angrily. \”This matter is quite a problem for you to deal with. I taught you to be kind since childhood, but this kind is not kind in the face of evil people. You are so weak. How can I rest assured to give Shao to you in the future?\” \”… I see.\” Shao Yixuan was silent for a long time and said. He had great feelings for Tang Jinglan since he knew Tang Jinglan. Now, although he knows what kind of woman Tang Jinglan is, his feelings for so many years are not false, which is also the reason why he didn\’t deal with the matter rationally in time. Shaofu is different after all. Although he was very satisfied with his daughter-in-law, her daughter-in-law is just It\’s just his daughter-in-law. He didn\’t have much contact with his daughter-in-law at home, so he didn\’t have deep feelings. Compared with Shao Yixuan, he can judge the pros and cons more rationally, and then cut the mess quickly. \”By the way, what do you think of the person who sent the CD?\” Shao Fu asked. \”I guess he had a grudge against Tang Jinglan and didn\’t want to implicate our Shao family, otherwise he wouldn\’t have done it for such a long time.\” Shao Yixuan said, \”as for Shu Yihe, after I read the CD, the company allocated money for her treatment, cosmetic surgery and a sum of money. It can also be regarded as compensation for her.\” Shao Fu snorted coldly, \”Tang Jinglan should be punished for doing such a thing. People don\’t want to revenge our Shao family. We Shao family should really thank him for his reason. As for giving Shu Yi and money, you did it right. I don\’t know which nerve Tang Jinglan got wrong and destroyed the little girl\’s family. We Shao family can\’t afford such a daughter-in-law.\” \”I think since Tang Jinglan has done such a cruel thing, she won\’t have done such a bad thing. Have you checked who else she has hurt in recent years?\” Shao Fu asked. \”I haven\’t checked it.\” Shao Yixuan described it as pale. \”But I also found that Tang Jinglan has a lot of ingenuity in doing things.\” \”well, I\’ll deal with this matter, so don\’t interfere.\” Shao Fu made a final decision. Shao Fu was not satisfied with his son\’s answer, but he also knew that his son\’s feelings for Tang Jinglan in recent years were not fake. He was the hardest hit in this matter. Shao Yixuan and Shao Fu stayed in the study for a long time. When Shao Yixuan came out, he stumbled. When Shao Yixuan came home from work in the evening, he thought of Tang Jinglan Pregnancy. I don\’t know the results of the examination. Shao Yixuan forgot about it all afternoon. After returning home, Shao Yixuan knew that Tang Jinglan was not pregnant. Of course, the doctor explained that the pregnancy time was too short, so they didn\’t check it out. This result embarrassed Shao\’s mother and Tang Jinglan. They almost recognized it when they went to the examination It must have been pregnant, but the result was… Especially Tang Jinglan. She felt the worst in her heart. How happy the Shao family was yesterday, but she didn\’t get pregnant. Isn\’t that a white joy? Shao\’s father and Shao\’s mother will have an opinion on her. It\’s really difficult to be a daughter-in-law. But Tang Jinglan didn\’t get pregnant, which is absolutely for Shao Yixuan and Shao\’s father That\’s good news. After all, if Tang Jinglan is pregnant, they will have to worry about the child in Tang Jinglan\’s belly, which will inevitably lead to more dreams at night.

Duan Tian had no reason to do it. He didn\’t clean up. He immediately promised: we\’re afraid

Later, Su Xinwu heard that the North was going to war with his own country. As for the reason, it was for a beauty. After fighting for half a year, the north and its own country reached a truce. Su Xinwu was seriously injured and worked very hard every day. After that, his body soon plummeted and he couldn\’t even go to the city. Su Xinwu dragged on for several years. Su Xinwu finally died. Before Su Xinwu died, what he most wanted to know was how his master Su Qingtian was now. But he doesn\’t know. Lin Luo\’s time now is just when Su Qingtian has been out for a long time. Su Xinwu, who is worried about the master, and several other companions secretly look for Su qingtianluo. The internal mental skill practiced by Su Xinwu can only be regarded as above average in this world. This kind of skill is the main thing in the moon tower. Most people practice this kind of skill. For example, Su Qingtian or other people who have excellent skills will not practice this kind of internal mental skill practiced by Su Xinwu. However, relying on this medium to upper internal mental skill, Su Xinwu\’s strength can also rank in the top ten in the full moon building. If he hadn\’t had the strength, Su Qingtian wouldn\’t put him in such an important position. Otherwise, no matter how smart and capable he is, he can\’t do well in the Jianghu without considerable strength. Su Xinwu\’s strength is also a first-class expert in the Jianghu, which shows that Su Xinwu\’s martial arts qualification is very good. From Lin Luo\’s point of view, Su Xinwu\’s cultivation method is really not very good. Lin Luo can find several places that can be improved by looking at this method. However, even if this skill is improved, it is only a superior one in this world. However, Lin Luo has several excellent internal mental skills. What should we practice if we don\’t practice this? Moreover, several of the best skills in the world basically have many side effects. For example, Xia Houfeng\’s crazy devil Heart Sutra, the sequelae of this skill will make people crazy and lose their reason. The more advanced they are, the more serious the sequelae will be. Su Qingtian, the master of Su Xinwu, undoubtedly cultivates the best skill. Otherwise, Su Qingtian can\’t be so strong when he was so young. It is with his superior force that Su Qingtian can sit in the position of the landlord of the full moon building. Su Qingtian goes out for a period of time every year, and he won\’t take anyone out. He won\’t come back until he is alone for about a month. Su Xinwu is loyal to Su Qingtian, so he won\’t think much, but he also guesses that there must be a reason why Su Qingtian goes out alone every year. Since Su Qingtian\’s cultivation method is similar to that of Xia Houfeng, there is such a big sequelae in the crazy devil Heart Sutra. Doesn\’t Su Qingtian\’s cultivation method exist? A guess came to Lin Luo\’s mind. Su Qingtian\’s internal mental skill must also have great flaws. During his annual outing, Su Qingtian must be devoured by the skill. During this time, Su Qingtian is afraid that he will be extremely weak or become possessed by the devil. It is precisely to prevent someone from killing him while he is ill, so Su Qingtian will go out alone. Su Qingtian\’s hiding place is in the hills of Cangzhou. There are crisscross ancient tunnels in the hills, connected and divided, and rugged rings, like a maze. As long as you prepare enough food and hide in it, no one can find him. This is an excellent hiding place. The year Su Qingtian met Yun Changqing, I\’m afraid it was su Qingtian who became possessed in the hills. However, Yun Changqing passing by just found Su Qingtian and saved Su Qingtian. Su Qingtian stayed here to recover. Lin Luo chose the most suitable skill according to Su Xinwu\’s constitution and began to practice it. Although Su Xinwu\’s cultivation method is not outstanding, it is very peaceful and will not conflict with other methods. Therefore, Lin Luo can easily transfer to another method.

You, Duan Xiaomei also whispered to Duan Qiong: the second sister would be very sad if she knew that she didn\’t have this experience

Finally, at Li Junfei\’s strong invitation, Wang Ruiqi agreed. Wang Ruiqi came to Wang Zesheng\’s residence with Li Junfei. This is indeed Wang Zesheng\’s residence, not Wang Zesheng\’s home. According to Li Junfei, \”Ze Sheng\’s home was occupied by those two bitches.\” Li Junfei took the key and opened Wang Zesheng\’s residence. The house is very big in the apartment. The upper and lower floors have been opened up, and there is a lot of space. \”Sit down as you please.\” Li Junfei said, \”I\’ll get the letter left by Ze Sheng.\” Wang Ruiqi sat on the sofa in the living room. Within a minute, Li Junfei came with a letter. Wang Ruiqi took the letter and read it again. Wang Ruiqi thought: what\’s the difference between this letter and the suicide note? But Wang Ruiqi knew that Li Junfei was Wang Zesheng\’s friend, so he didn\’t say it. Li Junfei would rather deceive himself that Wang Zesheng left the book than admit that it was A suicide note left by his good friend. Wang Zesheng was originally a strong man. It can be seen from his hard work to earn tuition fees, self-reliance to support himself and start a career from scratch. However, the two most important people in his life betrayed him. One was his sister who was as precious as a treasure from childhood, and the other was a close lover who had been with him for many years. If his sister hadn\’t said she was pregnant, Wang Zesheng would never have thought that the two people he loved most had done such a thing. \”Brother, you and brother-in-law are going to live a lifetime. Aren\’t you going to have a child? Now the child in my belly has your brother\’s blood and brother-in-law\’s blood. Isn\’t that right? Even if you find a surrogate, the child will shed the blood of other women. When I give birth to this child, you can regard it as the crystallization of your love and you His own child. \”Wang Zesheng never thought that his own sister slept with his lover for such a high sounding reason? Life winner [quick wear] Chapter 57 Wang Ruiqi Fan Wai (Part 2) For Wang Zesheng, the betrayal of his lover may be painful, but as long as he is given time, he will eventually get out of the pain; but the most chilling thing for him is the injury from his relatives. Listening to his sister laughing and carelessly say to him, \”Brother, don\’t you know me? I really don\’t covet my brother. I just want to think of you because you are so kind to me. Brother, you know, I love to play. When I give birth to this child, I\’ll travel around the world and maybe find several beautiful boyfriends. Brother, don\’t you believe me?\” Listening to his sister\’s remarks, Wang Zesheng really didn\’t know how to answer. Wang Zesheng looked at his sister and felt for the first time that he had never known his sister. Otherwise, why couldn\’t he understand why his sister had such an idea?

Does she have a bad brain? Can\’t she practice without her six younger sisters? Duan Xiaomei sneered

However, she knew that emperor Cheng Yuan had ordered someone to go, and this person was Chen Wang. Now think about it, this is the same as in the original book, but Chen Wang seemed to have some discord with his majesty because Princess Wu died at that time. In addition, the king of Wu retreated behind him, so he went. After only one victory, he was defeated like a mountain. The people of the northern ethnic group invade step by step. Later, when Emperor Cheng Yuan saw something wrong, he personally drove and enlisted himself. Just now, he resisted the decline and even recovered the situation. However, what he didn\’t think about was that Mingxuan in the palace had poisoned him already, so he was about to make people completely unable to get out after the fight, but he died of poisoning when he won the last battle, which made the king of Wu pick up a great bargain, and even ascended the throne with this credit. Your majesty, Shen Ling said, maybe you can take a closer look at the army. Maybe there is some news. Although all the tricks are gone now, she is still worried. The king of Wu has left some hands and feet among them. Hearing the speech, Emperor Cheng Yuan also knew what she was worried about. He comforted her by touching her head. It was full of tenderness and dumb voice. You don\’t have to worry. Yes. Shen Ling blushed. The tenderness every time was unbearable, but she still nodded. Since her majesty said so, she was not worried at all. After all, she believes in him. Later, things went on as usual, except that Chen qinghen said goodbye to his father and uncle, let them go to the battlefield, and then stayed in the house. She saw that empress Shufei had been practicing calligraphy, so she practiced it. After all, empress Shufei had always done right and never made a mistake. Miss, miss, at this time, a servant girl came to the general\’s house. Chen Qingken was stunned. What\’s the matter? Prince Wu\’s residence sent helishu and a lot of things. Chen Qinghong was stunned. However, the housekeeper of the Palace said he wanted to see you. Hearing the speech, Chen Qinghong was stunned. What\’s the use of seeing me? Can\’t you see me? As lady Shufei said, what if you know these? Everything has passed. Yes, the servant girl immediately ran out and reported back after asking. So soon, the king of Wu received the news from the housekeeper. Why can\’t she see? The king of Wu asked. At this time, he was already very thin. He didn\’t look like he was energetic before. On the contrary, he was still gloomy. Counselor Li hasn\’t been to his house for a long time. Although he knows it\’s because of his wife, he feels cold in the end. Indeed, he is a person who steps on high and holds low.

Indeed, the female partner is not that evil person, and the ending is a little too much. The boy nodded in a serious way

Chapter 33 it was still early in the second watch. Emperor Cheng Yuan didn\’t stay much in Yonghe palace. After half an hour, he left with Li Feng. After emperor Chengyuan left, Shen Ling received a gift from empress dowager Yang again. The gift was sent by mammy Chen. As soon as she saw an acquaintance, her strangeness disappeared. Mammy Chen, Shen Ling is very happy. Mammy Chen also had a happy face and congratulated her on her arrival. The two exchanged greetings. But before mother Chen left, she told Shen Ling a news. In a moment, mother, the head of Yonghe palace, would come. When Shen Ling heard the speech, her heart thumped, but she didn\’t show it on her face. Instead, she sent mammy Chen out and asked her to convey her gratitude to the Empress Dowager. After mother Chen left, Shen Ling reported that she had retired from the crowd, and then fell into deep thought. In the original work, I was a noble man and could not live alone in a palace. But because she is the only concubine of his majesty, there are still some in charge of Mammy. However, in the original work, the head mother has long been seduced by the female leader Mingxuan. She always pays attention to her every move, so that Mingxuan knows everything about her. I wonder if it\’s still her this time. If it were her, Shen Ling would be worried. After all, I\’m afraid it\’s not good to change Mammy. Soon, someone came. Accompanied by the spring breeze, Shen Ling sat uneasily at the top and was ready to observe it. Then a man dressed up as a mother came with some palace maids and eunuchs. Seeing the visitor clearly, Shen Ling\’s uneasy mood suddenly turned into great joy. Mother song, how is it you?, The tone was full of surprises. It turned out that this mother was not someone else. It was Mother Song who studied etiquette there before Shen Ling. In those days, the relationship between the two people was also very close. Shen Ling was even happier because she knew very well about Mother Song\’s character. After the two exchanged greetings, Shen Ling knew that this was deliberately selected by the Empress Dowager to avoid discomfort when she first entered the palace. In this case, Mammy song began to introduce the maids and eunuchs of Yonghe palace, and let Shen Ling probably recognize people. Because she was a concubine, she was equipped with two first-class maids and two second-class maids. It was Chunfeng who occupied the position of a first-class palace maid. It was also empress dowager Yang who sent her because she was afraid of strangers in the palace.