Tu Xiangyu could hardly see a gentle smile on his face and nodded expressionless

2. Except for his excellent professional ability and responsibility, this villain is not like the general attack. I\’m so sad. I\’m wrong. I\’ve written you down In fact, the little blackboard is a stem, which will be mentioned later. As for how to use it, guess ha ha. Also, I\’m not familiar with the field of doctors at all. I checked a lot of information and bothered a reader in this field. I really thank her for providing a lot of common sense and cute jokes all night, and the later articles will be written slowly However, there will certainly be some professional mistakes. I am not a professional and will not be clear about some things. Don\’t blindly believe in unreasonable things. If you have any questions, please consult a professional. I admit I\’m just a layman. Please don\’t beat the brick too much 3. Thank the beauties for their generous mines!!! I love you so much!!! Is this v-entry congratulations The water threw a mine Jodycui threw a mine If I Hao threw a mine Nanqing threw a mineJimo threw a mine one by one Mrs. Shaw threw a grenade Chen Baqi threw a mine Youyou xiabuqing threw a grenade The wind soul Xueling threw a mine Dongyuting threw a mine Muyang threw a grenade Nine Tailed meow threw a mine Honglian threw a mine The drunken lazy cat threw a mineHelan Xun threw a mine 4. In order to make the ranking on the favorites look better, I decided to update it at 11:59 tomorrow night according to the heresy taught by the general attack. Don\’t brush it at 7 o\’clock tomorrow. Love you! In other words, I will fly back to Shanghai tomorrow. I may not be able to reply to the message

Hand it to Qianqian! The old ancestor suddenly opened his eyes and was not dead. With turbid yellow beads, he scared the Yang family leader to step back

Oh, I\’ll talk about it. Hehe, I also want to learn well. At that time, I\’ll open my father\’s 4S store all over the country, so that my father can retire with honor and raise flowers and birds at home to play with Xinwei. Hehe said with a dry smile.During the May Day holiday, they only took three days off, and then resumed class. The more they came to the exam, the more nervous they became. Every day they were doing questions, doing questions, and doing questions endlessly. The teachers were nervous, the students were nervous, and the whole third grade of Junior high school was so nervous. Now in the evening class, those students with better grades stayed to make up lessons. Those with poor grades have been sent home early, So as not to affect the study of good students Time passed so quickly that it was the day to take the exam. The day before the exam, the whole third grade had a holiday. The admission ticket had been issued on the first day. The teacher explained all the things that should be prepared. At this time, those who studied well and those who did not study well felt nervous During the oneday holiday, almost everyone can\’t learn, can\’t recite, don\’t know what to do, and simply don\’t do anything. Eat at home, watch TV, go out to play, have a good rest and relax. Parents don\’t dare to force their children any more. They can\’t let the child\’s tight string break. It\’s too late to repent Jian Xi made an appointment with Ruonan, Xinyu and other five people that they would not learn anything this day, so they would climb the mountain nearby, relax their spirit and relax their nerves Because it\’s not far away, we didn\’t let our parents go together, take a bus and carry their bags The mountain is not high, which is 200 or 300 meters above the sea level. It\’s not tired to get up. We mainly want to relax. We don\’t care so much. We don\’t carry as many things as last time, but we also carry everything we should take Although the mountain is not high, the natural environment is still the most conducive to the body and mind. The eyes are all green, which makes the nervous eyes and mood relax. Jian Xi and Ruo Nan stood on the top of the mountain and shouted loudly. Although there was no echo like the mountain, they also shouted out some emotions. Then everyone laughed and yelled. You chased me and had a good time At noon, we spread a damp proof mat on the windy top of the mountain. On it, we put all kinds of delicious food we brought from home and eat together. At this time, no one talks about learning, as if the next day was not an exam. What to say and how to be happy This is my own Coke chicken wings. Try it. Jane Xi opened a lunch box and handed it to the middle WOW! Nice color, I like it! Ruo man caught a piece of wing very quickly.Slow down, I like it too. Don\’t eat it up. Xin Wei quickly put one in his disposable paper tray, and then went to clip another Wang xiaopang, don\’t clip it. After eating the piece on your plate, clip it again. You play tricks. If the man quit, clamp Xin Wei\’s chopsticks with chopsticks and don\’t let him clip them. It\’s fun for you to come and go Jian Xi, Xin Yu and Tian Hao are not happy. Xin Yu said: you are like the Wulin experts in Jin Yong\’s martial arts novels! Chopsticks are good. Take your time and I\’ll have one too And I, Tian Hao, joined in the fun Slow down, don\’t fight. There are other dishes. You rob me and eat the sweet and sour ribs brought by Xin Wei. This must be made by Aunt Chen. I love to eat. Jane Xi sees that they are all robbing chicken wings. She shifted her direction and attacked the ribs Jane, please eat slowly and save some for me a new round of vegetable grabbing war continues, only shifting the battlefield In this way, they were laughing and making noise, and youth flew around in their laughter and spread far and far Chapter 66 high school entrance examination (I) It was a sunny morning. It seemed that it was a hot day today. Xinwei looked at it with worry. Now the coolness in the morning has not dissipated, but it can be predicted that it will be unclear today. His figure can be affected. Today, it is a coincidence that his examination room is the same school and classroom as Jane Xi in the city center. This probability is very low, But it happened

Mo Sang was studying the chess manual of the mortal world. She looked up at Ding min and said softly: do you want to win her

The purpose of killing all the way is obvious. Be careful, Jun xuange. She\’s going to kill you! Heisha couldn\’t help shouting. He was an enemy, but if it weren\’t for the fatal blow of Jun xuange just now, Bai Ao wouldn\’t die. Jun xuange also appeared serious on his face. In fact, he had been lurking for a long time. He also saw that Bai Zijin rescued Feng Jingming. Maybe it was subconscious. But he has self-knowledge. He is not Feng Jingming. Baizi Jin hates him to the bone. He is eager to cut him thousands of times and will never show mercy. Jun xuange turned and ran away without a word! I always feel as if something has collapsed in my heart. Worthy of the throne of God, with this vision, this man will live very long. Make Yu sigh. Although I always feel strange in my heart, I have to say that Jun xuange is very wise. What if I can\’t fight? What else can I do? Run! No problem at all! Several people sighed. Jun xuange had already run around. On the way, Bai Zijin didn\’t forget to kill people. Many disciples had died under her, but most of them were in blue. Disciples in white obey orders! Hide now. Ying ruofeng coughs twice and orders. The disciple in white hesitated for a moment, but you didn\’t listen to the eldest martial brother just now? Bai Lu roared at once. Baizijin was terrible. Ying ruofeng had a high prestige among his disciples. As soon as Bai Ao died, his voice was the backbone. The disciples in white immediately withdrew, leaving only those in blue. A disciple in white wanted to pull a familiar disciple in blue, but he was killed by a sword: elder martial brother, we can\’t fight, come on… Your scene stunned the disciples in white. I don\’t know who squatted down and touched the pulse of the disciple in blue\’s body. It\’s ok if you don\’t touch it. When you touch it, you are a little frightened, and your face is white: puppet, it seems to be a puppet

Duan Yonglan nodded hard, and then said pitifully: but I want to see it

The king of hell doesn\’t know if he really has the ability to kill Jun xuange. Miss, are you still looking for the king of hell? Yi thought that Bai Zijin still wanted to cooperate with the king of hell. Bai Zijin said: I can\’t find it. That night, when Jun xuange came to have dinner, he asked Bai Zijin if anything had happened during the day. Bai Zijin only smiled and didn\’t speak. By means of Jun xuange, even if there is a dead cockroach in the palace, he knows why he should come here. Three days later, Jun Yu is leaving for the Liao region. Jun xuange also said this. The next day, when Jun Yu came to see Bai Zijin, Bai Zijin gave Jun Yu the bracelet Lu xingzhao gave her. Jun Yu is flattered. You know, this is half of Mrs. Qi Luo\’s relic. It\’s a concealed weapon. It can also protect yourself. Bai Zijin said lazily. Jun Yu smiled brightly when he heard the speech: then I\’m welcome. I\’ll give it back to you when I come back. Baizijin nodded with a lazy smile, but there was guilt at the bottom of Xingmou. Mom, my daughter couldn\’t find your body. Two days later, Bai Zijin personally sent Jun Yu to the gate of the city and followed Qian Qian. Jun Yu is holding Bai Zijin to talk. As soon as he sees that he comes with Qian Qian, his face is not so good-looking. She tells Bai Zijin: Zi Jin, you must be careful with Qian Qian. She must be holding her back! Her voice was not small. When she heard this, her face was stiff for a moment, but she soon returned to a smile. The Liao region has a long way to go. You should be careful along the way, princess. However, it is said that all princes in the Liao region are good at martial arts, which is also to your taste. With Qianqian\’s words, it\’s strange. Those who know know know that Jun Yu is going to attend the Lord\’s birthday banquet. Those who don\’t know think they are going to make peace. Bai Zijin took a faint look at Sui Qianqian. These days, Sui Qianqian wanted to put medicine in her medicine, but Yi kept the medicine every time, so that she had no chance. Not only that, the people sent by Qianqian were also discovered by Yiren, but they were not exposed. Follow Qianqian, I find you can\’t do anything else. This mouth is very good at speaking. Jun Yu forked his waist and stared with Qian Qian. It\’s a pity not to be a shrew in the street

88. The life light is off, 89. Arrangements (first and second watch)

Shen Jiao looked at fengzixuan\’s back and suddenly said: Yaoyao\’s funeral is five days later. Please hurry up. Feng Zixuan\’s body shook, and his heavy voice sounded: I will! He will take the world, marry his favorite woman and make her queen! After Feng Zixuan left, Shen Jiao sat in a chair and remained silent for a long time. I do not know how long, she suddenly opened her mouth: open an ancestral temple. The housekeeper who had just arrived was shocked: what are you doing, princess? Shen Jiao didn\’t speak, but walked towards the ancestral hall. The housekeeper quickly asked the servants in the lobby to know what had happened just now. When the servant told the story, the housekeeper looked worried: why don\’t you stop the princess? The servant looked confused and forced. How could they stop the princess? The housekeeper didn\’t have time to get angry and quickly caught up with Shen Jiao. Shen Jiao went to the ancestral hall. She took off her warm cloak and faced the row of Lingpai with a bang. She knelt on the cold ground with her head down. Shen Jiao, a guilty woman, helped the seventh prince to rebel because of her private affair. She knew she had made a big mistake and humiliated the loyalty of the Shen family. She punished herself here. The Shen family practices martial arts for generations, and the rules are extremely strict. Even if there is only Shen Jiao left now, she is also very strict with herself. Unlike Emperor Xuan, Emperor Xuan himself passed on the throne of Emperor Shun. At that time, Shen Jiao didn\’t do anything, which was nothing, but now fengzixuan is going to rebel. According to the rules of the Shen family, she should stand up and support Emperor Shun, but because Qin Yao is neutral, neutrality is actually equivalent to supporting fengzixuan, which is a big mistake. When the housekeeper arrived, Shen Jiao was already kneeling on the ground, kneeling straight, as if a soldier who had made a mistake was being punished. Princess! The housekeeper is very anxious. You have just been injured. The doctor told you that you can\’t suffer from cold. It\’s never too late to recognize this mistake. Get up quickly. Shen Jiao didn\’t move: I made a mistake. The housekeeper is very distressed: Princess! Why don\’t you just listen? When you\’re well, you\’ll admit your mistake. The general and madam won\’t blame you. Those who disobey the rules of the Shen family should commit suicide and see the ancestors of the Shen family. Shen Jiao spoke slowly. In fact, she should have killed herself, but she had something to do. When she saw that day, although she knew that twilight was gone, she always had some expectation in her heart

Don\’t tease it, Duan Xi Yan Yousi said reluctantly. Mo sang collected black fog beads all the way, I\’m afraid it was to lead it out, but looking at the poor little doll, she couldn\’t help saying something, but she won\’t affect Mo Sang\’s plan

I don\’t know how many people will be frightened by that picture. Ah Luo, it\’s so late. Go and have a rest. Bai Zijin said to ah Luo. Ah Luo shook her head. She was used to watching the night. Even if she knew that baizijin was not there, she would still keep it, so she would find it the first time baizijin came back. Bai Zijin had no choice but to sleep first. She came back all the way by walking. She was too tired. At dawn the next day, Yi got up to help old Jiang in the kitchen. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of white in the dish. Old Jiang, did you buy a radish today? Yi didn\’t take it seriously and asked casually. Jiji! Snow jumped out of the dish angrily. You are the radish. Your whole family is the radish! I am a ferret, noble ferret! Snowflakes. She was so happy that she hurried forward. I thought you had lost it. Yi Ren went there to look for snowflake. She didn\’t find snowflake after looking for it several times. She thought snowflake had left or been killed. Unexpectedly, it ran back by itself. You think I\’m as stupid as you? Yi couldn\’t understand the words of snowflake. She happily held snowflake in her arms, and her eyes were full of excitement. The young lady is gone. It\’s better to have a young lady\’s old things. Snowflakes. An angry voice sounded behind me. Come out! Snowflake obviously did something guilty and didn\’t dare to go out. She shrank into Yi\’s hand and couldn\’t be counselled. She turned slowly and saw the woman with a smile. Her eyes immediately danced with tears: miss. Bai Zijin smiled and hugged Yi Ren: Yi Ren, I\’m back. The sunspot passed by with an unidentified face, so it\’s strange that the young lady cried like this after leaving for two days. The Iraqi stared at him with tears. The sunspot quickly smiled and left the kitchen. He saw that Baizi Jin couldn\’t laugh. The Iraqi quickly wiped away his tears and puffed his cheeks: you are not allowed to laugh! Don\’t laugh, miss

Taoist friend, I haven\’t introduced myself. My surname is Jiang, and my first name is a single word. Others call me Jiang Lao. Thank you for waiting. This is a gift from Huiyi pavilion to Daoyou. Daoyou can enjoy the highest treatment of Huiyi pavilion with this card! And these six exchange cards are for the people of Taoist friends. They can also join you in the auction. Old Jiang took out the sign with the symbol of Huiyi Pavilion painted in blue and handed it to Mo sang

You have a strict wife. Do you want to live up to your reputation! It\’s hot in the sun at the moment. If the ghost king really stands like this, he will suffer from the sun. Ghost king, here\’s an umbrella. The housekeeper felt that he couldn\’t watch the ghost King bask like this. He had to brush his favor. Feng Jing Ming glanced at the umbrella and lifted his thin lips. The evil voice vomited out in a low voice, with bad intentions: do you want to fall into the land of injustice? He was here to admit his mistake. Wouldn\’t he be too insincere to take an umbrella. Don\’t talk about his daughter-in-law. He won\’t forgive himself. The housekeeper\’s hand shook, and NIMA, the ghost King\’s mind really couldn\’t be guessed from the perspective of ordinary people. After a column of incense, Feng Jingming still stood against the sun, and passers-by wanted to see it but didn\’t dare to see it. After two columns of incense, Feng Jing Ming remained motionless. After five pillars of incense, Feng Jingming\’s forehead was filled with sweat, but he still didn\’t mean to take an umbrella. The housekeeper secretly admires Feng Jingming. He is worthy of being the ghost king. He has great perseverance. Suddenly, a bodyguard suddenly ran over and said a few words in Heisha\’s ear. As soon as Heisha\’s face changed, he immediately said: Lord, if the wind comes this way, if we don\’t go in again, he will speak ill of you with the princess again. Yes, in the hearts of everyone in the ghost King\’s house, the reason why the princess didn\’t see the LORD was because she was like the wind! The princess doesn\’t know the whole story. It must be Ying ruofeng who deliberately discredited the prince. It\’s all this

Mo sang hurriedly wiped tears for this and snivel for that, and comforted in a soft voice: Why are you crying? I haven\’t done much yet? You suffered so much pain when you were a teacher. Why are you crying now? I don\’t want to cry. It\’s embarrassing to take such an ugly disciple out

Qin Yao is so big that he has never been to the miracle doctor\’s gate. I\’ve only heard the name of the miracle doctor, but I\’ve never been there. In a word, Ying ruofeng was the first person she saw. If the miracle doctor is not in Trina Solar, you will not be allowed to go. Feng lie sang. So far away, Qin Guang, how can they rest assured that Qin Yao will go. I\’m not going to tell them, but. Qin Yao\’s eyes are cunning. Zijin will surely return to the doctor\’s door. At that time, she will secretly go with Zijin. Feng Liege didn\’t notice her careful thinking. At the moment, she was sinking in her heart, thinking about who sent the assassin just now. Zuo Xiangfu. waste material! Bai Qingqing\’s face was very cold and angry. She was completely different when she was gentle and moving in peace. On the ground, two people in black knelt: Miss, forgive me. Princess Liege has too many bodyguards. We were afraid of being found, so we had to withdraw. Not to mention that it was ok, Bai Qingqing became even more angry: what reason do you find? Feng Liege is so unpopular, just a few bodyguards. I spent a lot of money looking for you. Is that what you gave me? These days, the news that Bai Qingqing was despised by the royal family has spread, and her face has been lost. Old lady Bai went into the palace immediately after hearing the news, but was told that the queen didn\’t want to see her. The great prince has always looked down on Bai Qingqing outside. Bai Qingqing is used to being sought after. How can he stand ridicule. Knowing that Feng Liege was the cause of the trouble, Bai Qingqing immediately found a killer and asked for Feng Liege\’s life. Who knows, but she failed. Get out of here! The assassin was scolded bloody, but he had to hold back and go out. wait. Bai Qingqing suddenly called them again and took out two bags of silver, which is your sealing fee. Generally, employers will give more sealing fees. They don\’t think much about it, so they go up and get it. Who knows, before they walked out of the door, they fell straight to the ground, their faces were black and obviously out of breath. Lian\’er was startled, but he didn\’t dare to cry out. Two losers, want to take Miss Ben\’s silver. Bai Qingqing sneered and despised her. Lian\’er dealt with it. Sealing fee, ah, she Bai Qingqing only believes in death and will shut up forever

OK! Mo sang stood up. What\’s your name, what\’s your Linggen, and what\’s your qualification? Of course, she knows what kind of spiritual root Wu Qiu is. The rare variant Lei Linggen has a qualification of 6! And just now she checked his luck. It\’s a red auspicious cloud

My mother is only my daughter. Why are you going to leave her dowry to others? Bai Yuanjin didn\’t expect that she would suddenly ask for a dowry. She said coldly: your mother married me. Naturally, the dowry belongs to the Bai family. You\’re not qualified to ask for it. Bai Zijin felt that Bai Yuanjin\’s shameless face had been refreshed to a new height. Was she unqualified? Who is qualified, Bai Qingqing or Bai Yuerong? Originally, I only wanted the title deed of three shops. But what my father said today was so chilling that I decided to get everything back. Bai Zijin took out the list and calculated seriously: This is all my mother\’s dowry. My mother only lives in Youxiang mansion for one year. You never raised me, so I deducted 1000 liang of silver. Of course, if my father doesn\’t want to, I have to go to the ghost king to preside over justice for me. If she was born and raised in the right prime minister\’s house, Bai Yuanjin had reason to leave these things. Unfortunately, Bai Yuanjin is not human. Bai Yuanjin has green veins on his forehead. The ghost king is the ghost king again! She really takes the ghost king as a movable type sign, doesn\’t she! Second lady, it\’s unreasonable for your mother to ask your father for her dowry. Zhou Yirou pulled out a considerate smile. No one knows. Her hand is dead. Those dowries are left to Qingqing and Yuerong. How can they be returned to Bai Zijin! Bai Zijin looked at Zhou Yirou and pulled out a sweet smile: Aunt Zhou was right. I couldn\’t ask for it, but my grandfather asked for it. Zhou Yirou breathed a sigh of relief, and Baizi Jin was willing to let go. Even if people from the miracle doctor school come, she can stop it. As soon as the stone in my heart fell to the ground, I heard light words. I believe grandpa should want to know the truth of my disappearance. Zhou Yirou and Bai Yuanjin were surprised at the same time. What does the girl know? Bai Yuanjin looked up and looked at Bai Zijin. His eyes were particularly gloomy. He had killed Bai Zijin. Father, why are you looking at me like that? Bai Zijin looks innocent. Do I have flowers on my face? Zhou Yirou smiled far fetched: second lady, it\’s not that we don\’t give you, but that we have spent all our money to find you these years. This reason is perfect for her. Bai Zijin sneered, and then she stepped back: where are the three shops? The three shops are all well open. Bai Yuanjin and Zhou Yirou are no longer willing and can\’t find any reason to refuse

We can\’t protect, but others can\’t. Wu family leader suddenly did not worry. No one knew what his ancestors left, because no one could get in there

He almost bit her earlobe. How are you going to atone? Chapter 281 atonement? Yu Jiu almost laughed angrily. Who does he think he is? She hasn\’t let him redeem the crime of cheating her, but she has always been flexible. Why did she hate him so much before he woke up? It is because there is blood suppression in the blood clan. In the face of a blood clan higher than yourself, you will unconsciously produce the meaning of submission. This is engraved in the gene and blood. Before you fight, you lose half of the country. In this way, she can be happy that there is a ghost only when there is a big mountain above her head. She twisted her body with a smile and put her hand on his shoulder. What does your majesty want? Half true and half false way, where can I say now? Isn\’t it what your majesty wants? Not surprisingly, this is a completely strange face. It has no similarity with that face. Her facial features are deep and publicized. She said, if your majesty goes to my blood rose castle like this, I will not refuse like that. She\’s calm. What does your majesty think? Blood emperor, Delia, he called his name low and suddenly said, why did he stop yesterday? Obviously, she also felt that she directly kicked him out at the last minute, that is, he had not been so oppressed for so long. He said it was not a lie to soak in cold water all night. I don\’t want to stop. She said, if your majesty could tell me who I am, I wouldn\’t have missed it last night anyway. The blood emperor said, you are angry. Yes, I\’m angry with me. How can I not recognize your majesty. She really didn\’t say a word of truth. What I just said has no credibility at all. Blood emperor, how about this palace? Very worthy of your Majesty\’s identity. How about blood rose castle? How can the glow of fireflies compare with the bright moon? It\’s my honor for your majesty to compare the two. The blood emperor slowly showed a smile, that\’s really great. Since the Duke likes it, shouldn\’t he be reluctant to stay here?