Mu Zhao nodded without changing his face.

\”Nothing, I\’ll go first.\” she really didn\’t want to see Xing Chen again. She was afraid she couldn\’t help crying. It\’s really chilling. Xing Chen noticed something wrong with her mood, got up and took her hand and said, \”lingman, I know I\’ve been busy recently. Can you understand me?\” for the feelings of the two people, Xing Chen is still quite satisfied with Peng lingman\’s ability and appearance. The most important thing is to put him first. \”I know,\” Peng lingman said casually. It\’s not that she hasn\’t seen love. This excuse is too pale for her. Seeing her like this, Xing Chen said, \”I\’ve told my family that we\’ll get married in spring.\” suddenly, Peng lingman was stunned. \”Get married?\” she murmured. It was so unexpected that she didn\’t react for a moment. \”Well, get married, we.\” Xing Chen\’s rare tone was mild, even his eyes softened, not as sharp as usual. Peng lingman\’s mood at this time is really unspeakable, because she thought it came too suddenly, but on second thought, isn\’t this what she expected? \”I,\” she said suddenly, and then her face was slightly red. \”I\’ll go back first.\” then the man opened the door and rode away. Xing Chen was relieved to see that she was comforted, but the winery was not over yet, and he had to find a way. Li Siyu also wanted to relax for two days. That day, Liu Chengxue ran to find her. \”Officer Li, don\’t worry, I will never promise.\” she said for a long time, and then promised again, which made Li Siyu a little confused. It turned out that Peng lingman saw that she couldn\’t open a hole here with Li Siyu. He went to find Liu Chengxue and wanted her to come and talk about the case. Liu Chengxue thought there was something wrong between them before. After Peng lingman finished, she knew everything. She\’s not a fool, but she won\’t promise it. Not to mention how much Li Siyu helped her, but there was no benefit in this case. Liu Chengxue would not agree. \”I know, but don\’t get involved in this matter. There are too many troubles and don\’t get angry.\” Li Siyu told the truth, there are too many people involved in this matter.


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