The hands are like catkins, the skin is like fat, and the eyebrows are gentle. The ruddy on the white face seems to have a layer of pink meaning, which makes people dull.

The next morning, she carried a quilt on her back, a small box and a triangular pocket in her hand. The pocket contained a washbasin and a mess of things, and the box contained clothes. At the door, she inquired about the location of the girls\’ dormitory, and then went to the dormitory at the door. \”Aunt Hello, I\’m a new student. This is my proof.\” Li Siyu looked at a woman and stopped her. The other party was a woman in her forties, with short hair and ears. Seeing the certificate handed over by Li Siyu, she checked the sidewalk: \”come with me, I\’m just going up.\” she followed aunt SuGuan up to the second floor and went to one of the doors, \”You are in this house. There are already two people in it. Find your own berth. There is a water room downstairs and the toilet is outside. You can see it when you go out.\” When Li Siyu entered the house, there was no one inside. After putting down her things, she found that Aunt SuGuan had left. There were four upper and lower bunks in the house, and the two lower bunks by the window were already occupied. She chose the position behind the door, at least there would be no cool wind blowing on her when she opened the door. There was only a wooden board on the lower bunk, nothing else, and it was very dirty. She took out a small rag and wiped the wooden board clean, but A mat was laid on the back, and the brought quilt and mattress were laid on it. The dark blue curtain was taken out from the space and surrounded the lower berth. This time, the space paved is a closed space. Pull up the curtain and don\’t put it aside, and then put the washbasin under the bottom of the berth. \”Let\’s go to the canteen at night. I hear there is stew at night.\” As soon as she had packed up, there were footsteps and voices outside. When the footsteps came to the door, they stopped. \”Hey? How did the door open?\” A female voice said suspiciously. After finishing the lower berth, Li Siyu turned around and saw that there were two girls, a little girl of about 20 years old, with two long braids. She was talking just now. There was also a girl of the same age, with a cold face. Danfeng\’s eyes looked very cold. \”New classmate?\” the female voice with long braids looked at her in surprise. \”Hello, my name is Li Siyu.\” she smiled at them.


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