Why not? This man is just ice dregs. Let them get along well first. the Empress Dowager said lazily, you don\’t know that this man values his face after all. Ling\’er didn\’t pay attention to her face in the past, but she doesn\’t today. I have to let her look beautiful. Now, don\’t you find that zhao\’er\’s eyes are shining when I come here today.

Peng lingman saw that she really didn\’t eat, so he took it back. Indeed, she didn\’t eat enough herself. Li Siyu didn\’t want to eat, and he didn\’t eat much steamed bread. When she finished, Peng lingman had already finished. \”Finished?\” Peng lingman looked at her and asked. \”What\’s the matter?\” Li Siyu didn\’t know what she was going to do. He asked himself to come over for dinner, but he didn\’t speak. Peng lingman smiled, then mysteriously approached her and said, \”I tell you, don\’t you know? You have been selected into the group list.\”? Li Siyu looked at Peng lingman and didn\’t know what she meant. Why did you come up with a list of groups? \”It\’s the town planning. Haven\’t you been notified? You can\’t decide until you\’ve been notified. Only those who have entered the list can really enter the group.\” Peng lingman saw that she didn\’t know anything and began to sigh her good luck. Li Siyu heard this conclusion for the first time, but how did Peng lingman know? Seeing her doubts, Peng lingman explained, \”I work in the secretary room. What don\’t you know? I\’ve read the list this time, but I read it secretly.\” she gave Li Siyu a look you know. Li Siyu: I don\’t understand, I don\’t want to understand! \”Oh, how many people are there?\” Li Siyu asked. \”Twelve people, two from the top and two from the bottom. The others are from Baicheng municipal administration or transferred from other cities.\” Peng lingman replied. She looked around. No one paid attention to this side. She said, \”there are some people sent by the province. They are said to be senior official secretaries. It has been determined that they are the team leader. This person is usually very serious, but his ability is not small.\” Li Siyu got the news. The future team leader may be a rigid poker face? But this kind of person is the most difficult to deal with. It\’s definitely not good to flatter. If you dare to do so, you will be blacklisted by that man. Only by working hard and doing practical things can he get into his eyes. There\’s nothing wrong with such a rigorous person, but he won\’t go too far in the future. After all, no matter what society, they don\’t need such rigid people. They like flexible people. Li Siyu guessed that there was no way for the province to be transferred here. Such people could only make achievements and then work until they retired with their jobs. Upgrade? It is estimated that with this temperament, I can\’t rise unless I can make a change. However, this is unlikely, otherwise it would not be transferred to the lower level.


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