Yes, replied Shen Ling in a low voice. She still lowered her head and avoided Mu Zhao\’s eyes, which was very different from the way she looked at Li Feng directly before.

Lincheng didn\’t know where to get a pickup truck to help move. \”Aunt, you don\’t have to be busy. We can just work.\” Lin Cheng ran to pick up the big burden the old lady was carrying. The old lady nodded with a smile and said yes. Looking at some small busy work, she sat next to her. At the family yard in the mine, Lincheng began to help move things down again. Li Siyu\’s neighbor is a front-line worker in the mine. There are two workers, two children and an old man at home. Sixty flat is a little small, but it\’s enough for them to live. \”Secretary Li has moved.\” Qi Shuquan, the male owner of the neighbor, came out and saw several people busy. Li Siyu turned his head, smiled, nodded and said, \”yes, brother Qi didn\’t go to work?\” Qi Shuquan came over and said, \”I have something to ask for a day\’s leave today.\” he said, reaching out to help Lincheng lift the wooden bed. This wooden bed is the second-hand wooden bed bought by Li Siyu. It is not broken and can be used. So we moved it together. \”Thank you, brother Qi.\” Li Siyu is not a person without eyes. People have reached out to help you. Naturally, he wants to thank you. \”You\’re welcome. We\’ll be neighbors in the future.\” Qi Shuquan didn\’t have those hearts. After helping to move the house, the old lady cooked dinner. Li Siyu went to call him. This man hasn\’t come yet. Don\’t come at all. \”Secretary Li, I just give a hand. I don\’t need to eat.\” Qi Shuquan is very stubborn and can\’t say anything. Li Siyu had no choice but to bring a big bowl of vegetables, buckle it in his small basin and leave. Chapter 99 remember to eat or not. Qi Shuquan looked at a small pile of chicken stewed potatoes in a small basin and unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of water. That\’s great, isn\’t it?


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