Your Majesty, Miss Li Shen will come tomorrow. The Empress Dowager said she wanted you to come too. Li Feng said.

The sound of a sonic boom rang through his ears. From a distance, it seemed that a cloud and smoke had exploded on the ruins of Longyuan city. Yin and Yang were moving. When they were in full swing, Fang Yang seemed to be surrounded by Yin and Yang. Under these conditions, the dragon power around him was weakened a lot. Without the resistance of long power, Fang Yang was like a fire and rushed away, not yet When Fang Yang approached long yuan, the nine palace sword in his hand was cut out with one sword. Dragon snake! Roar! The dragon snake sword roared like a dragon gathering and cut down straight. Long Yuan stood still, but when the sword came, his right hand gently lifted and his five fingers seemed to curl up. It was a huge sword that roared with pride, which exploded like a balloon When he opened, he suddenly scattered a clean body. However, Fang Yang was not trying to hurt him with this object, but just narrowing the distance. He saw that the dragon and snake sword Qi was useless, and his body shape had rushed within a hundred steps of the Dragon yuan. Dharma phase! With one step, his body shape increased sharply. The mysterious Qi of yin and Yang burst out at the same time, and he had reached the point of intersection of yin and Yang The method uses yin-yang disorder. However, as long as the mysterious Qi in the body flows rapidly, the combination of yin-yang forces can play a stronger state than yin-yang disorder. In these States, Fang Yang\’s combat power surges! Nine turns, sword stars! As soon as the nine palace sword comes out, the sword shadow splits, the light in the sky disappears and the stars emerge. The blade of each handle is like bright stars, and each sword is like a star A bright sword spirit floated on the blade of a sword. The sword star was ethereal. With the straight wave of the nine palace sword in his hand, he pulled the stars and cut them out with one sword. Boom! The strong light column condensed and merged into a stream and cut them off towards Longyuan. The sword star was originally a strong attack move, but Fang Yang\’s use times decreased and had not been fully released for a long time. It came out after this operation, It\’s really frightening. When the sword was cut down, it was like tearing the sky and breaking the heaven and earth. A heavy touch appeared on Longyuan\’s face. He seemed to be aware of the power of the sword, but he didn\’t shrink back at all. His hands were suddenly raised, the Dragon Power in his palm hovered, and a huge magic staff appeared out of thin air.


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