Yes, yes, yes. although they said so, they didn\’t believe it at all and mocked in their eyes, but did they lose face because they didn\’t see your majesty?

In the current chaotic situation in leilin mainland, Zhan Lingshui\’s residence is rare and extremely comfortable. She is not as greedy for money as other Dragon Kings. It also prevents the unbridled of his people. It is a rare pure land. Zhan Lingshui didn\’t say a word, but Fang Yang relaxed a lot when he looked at such a scene. Although I don\’t know what Zhan Lingshui thinks, it can be seen from these scenes that she won\’t be the perpetrator. Pop. Zhan Lingshui\’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and Fang Yang returned to his mind. Only then did he find that they didn\’t know when they had come to a hall. The splendor hall stands tall and magnificent. \”Is this where you lived after you became the Dragon King?\” Fang Yang said. Zhan Lingshui looked at him with a good-looking eyebrow: \”yes, I got such wealth and power while I got strong strength. How, if you come here, you won\’t get less than me.\” although her face was still cold, her tone was full of narrow meaning. Fang Yang couldn\’t hear that she deliberately said such words just to make fun of her, and she didn\’t hear it at all. Now they are still enemies rather than friends. The longer they contact, the less confident Fang Yang is when he is afraid that he is really hostile. Therefore, it is better to keep a certain distance now. Thinking of this, Fang Yang directly said, \”where is Tang still?\” \”just think of your little lover.\” Zhan Lingshui said this, glanced at Fang Yang and walked directly into the palace. Fang Yang looked at her sadness helplessly and said moody. Then she followed. There is a wide range of palaces. Even if it was not the main city palace of the poison emperor Dynasty, it is definitely a stream of palaces. Just feeling the Dharma array laid on the whole palace is not owned by ordinary people. But in such a large area, the number of people in the palace is very small, and there are almost no servants, and the stream of patrols and guards is even less. \”I like quietness.\” it seems that Zhan lingshuitou didn\’t reply to Fang Yang\’s doubts. Does the God of war still have the ability to peep into the heart? Fang Yang read in pieces. Seeing that Zhan Lingshui\’s temper was changeable, Fang Yang didn\’t want to ask again. He just followed her until he saw Tang. Hearing that Tang was still on the side of Zhan Lingshui, Fang Yang\’s tense mind finally eased down. For such a long time, Xiao Si and others were rescued one after another, but Tang still\’s whereabouts were not found, which made Fang Yang nervous for a long time. Although Zhan Lingshui is hostile to Fang Yang\’s camp, Fang Yang, who has had contact with her, also knows her temperament. Since Tang is still on her side, there should be nothing.


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