After saying this, he left with a lot of girls, a vast group of people.

From the top of the giant axe, the huge fire spewed out. Under the cohesion of the giant axe, it turned into a huge sharp light. In the roar, it was aimed at Fang Yang and pressed down. This attack was just fierce and overbearing, and the blessing of dragon power was really not simple. But \”flame?\” Fang Yang smiled, \”this candle dare to be arrogant in front of the scorching sun.\” When Fang Yang flicked his finger, a cloud of pure Yang Xuan Qi bounced out and hit the fierce fire axe strength. With a bang, the fierce axe strength was instantly annihilated, and even the fire gas on it was swallowed by the pure Yang Xuan Qi and rushed in front of the vice League. The vice League was surprised and didn\’t think of its own attack The attack didn\’t have any effect. He clenched his axe hard and cut it out again. There was a dull thud, and the axe strength intersected with the fire. He thought he could stop the fire smoothly. Suddenly, he howled miserably, and was hit by the pure Yang Xuanqi, and the surging fire spewed out. The whole person was instantly knocked out and fell to the ground. Only one hit! This vice league with the dragon power of the Golden Dragon brand didn\’t survive in Fang Yang\’s hands Strike! Jiang Liu\’s face changed. Even Hong Nanxing, who knew Fang Yang\’s strength, couldn\’t help but sink. \”Good boy, you really have some skills! Let\’s fight together and take the boy first!\” Hong Nanxing roared. They nodded immediately and didn\’t care about any style. They all fought together with a surge of mysterious Qi. \”Die!\” Jiang Liu screamed. The four strands of mysterious Qi broke out immediately, and several people used their own means to cover Fang Yang. Hong Nanxing mountain ape\’s palm burst and its momentum was powerful. Behind Jiang Liu, the giant eagle spread its wings, the light of its edge flickered, the sharp wind rolled and turned into a surging wind shadow. The body shape of the long Python method twisted, and his own mysterious Qi was thrown around Fang Yang like a snake Entanglement. Once entangled, Python\’s strength bursts out, but it\’s not so easy to break away. Finally, the Dragon Power vice alliance, his arms soar like inflation, and his palms beat continuously. There is a dragon shadow floating between his palms. He attacked Fang Yang one after another. Each palm\’s strength is continuous, one blow is stronger than one, and his strength is just fierce. All four people hit with all their strength without any mercy Meaning. They were really moved to kill Fang Yang. Since they knew that this son was extraordinary, they must succeed at one blow and don\’t give him any chance to resist! Facing the four attacks, Fang Yang tightened his hand holding the Jiugong sword, then his wrist trembled, and a faint light appeared on the blade.


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