Although he has been married, he is also familiar with the girls in the capital.

But once there is no Yin and yang to stay in the immortal hall, the Ming Emperor himself is special and is the origin of great evil. Even if his body is blown clean, his evil intention will remain between heaven and earth. Once he takes care of himself for a period of time and absorbs the gathering of evil Qi from heaven and earth again, he can be reborn again. Moreover, with each rebirth, their own strength will be greatly improved. Just like him now, his strength has increased more than a hundred times than when Tianjun killed him 200 years ago. Even Tianjun is no longer his opponent. Once he is reborn and strengthened, who can stop him in the next 200 years? The emperor of heaven and the sword emperor are already among the top five on the Dragon list. I\’m afraid they will be tortured and killed by him in turn when they meet the emperor of the underworld who is strengthened again? Now the killing is nothing more than a delay of 200 years in exchange for a more terrible emperor. Is this deal profitable or losing? \”Is there any other place, such as another relic, that can be used to kill the emperor?\” Li mubai asked. The sword emperor shook his head slightly and poured cold water; \”It\’s useless. The yin-yang immortal hall is the most ancient relic in the nether passage, which probably came down from ancient times. Moreover, the yin-yang Xuanqi is one of the most powerful Xuanqi. Only by relying on the yin-yang Xuanqi can we stop the spread of the evil intention of the emperor of the underworld. If it were a general relic, it would have no such effect. Even if there were us, there were more ancient relics than the yin-yang immortal hall \”I don\’t know,\” he said, which also extinguished Li mubai\’s last hope. They were silent one by one. Even the emperor of heaven and the sword emperor are extremely ugly. Without the yin-yang immortal hall, there is no hope of killing the emperor of the underworld. Is their war really worth it? \”No matter what, we have to wait for Fang Yang to kill the nine baby demon first. As for the fact that the Emperor Ming\’s killing can\’t be done, it can only last 200 years,\” said the sword emperor. But after listening to this, everyone\’s mood was not relieved at all. If you can\’t completely kill the Ming emperor, you will lose whether you win or lose. Chapter 672 cut off the head \”dragon and snake!\” under the dark cloud, the sword light in Fang Yang\’s hand turns, and the dragon and snake sword Qi wanders out. In the blessing of the Dharma phase, Fang Yang\’s sword move was extremely terrible. When the sword was cut off, the strong dragon and snake roared out, almost transformed into a real dragon body, lifelike, and no less than the nine babies. As soon as the nine babies opened their mouths, water and fire spewed out. Under the interweaving of red and black, they also turned into a barrier to stop in front. Boom.


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