Her face was full of panic instead of the calm she had been in Zhongyi waiting house.

Fang Yang then told Wen ruohuo about it, and then said, \”my master is dead, but there are still many people in the Zhenyang group he left behind. These people have no support, and I\’m afraid it\’s difficult to get around in the nether passage. Brother Huang Mei knows many people, so he wants to find a way out for them.\” \”well, no problem.\” Huang Mei thought a little, \”I can introduce them to Zhou Wang. It\’s not a problem for him to take in. As long as he\’s not a traitor, he can\’t wait to expand his power.\” Zhou Wang, the famous human bear, is also one of the top 100 experts in the Dragon list. He is under the command of Sen regiment, which ranks 65 on the Tianxuan list. Fang Yang is also very satisfied to know about it. The martial arts in Zhenyang regiment are not very strong. Although Huang Mei can arrange them into a large group, they have great differences in strength and are difficult to get along with others, and they will not get excellent preferential treatment, but not beautiful. That\’s the only way A group with rich knowledge, but not very strong, will have the mind to cultivate them and make them develop well. Thinking of this, Fang Yang sincerely toasted and said, \”brother Huang Mei, thank you.\” Huang Mei\’s efficiency was very fast. Then Fang Yang and the rest of the Zhenyang regiment met Zhou Wang. After hearing that so many martial arts could be introduced, Zhou Wang agreed without a word. Then Fang Yang entrusted them to Zhou Wang. When they parted, Wen ruohuo sacrificed his life to save them that day. At the same time, the man who led the crowd also met each other Yang Jianyi said, \”don\’t worry, brother Fang Yang. We will work hard and never lose face to the leader! One day, when we have strength, we will definitely be at odds with evil spirits!\” Looking at the resolute look on their faces, Fang Yang was in a trance. It seemed that he saw Wen Ruo Huo again. The matter was arranged properly, which was also an important event in Fang Yang\’s heart. Then he practiced more diligently. This event brought great touch to Fang Yang. Only if his own strength was stronger, could he protect the people he cherished. Fang Yang worked hard in the next few days Cultivation, accompanied by many martial arts practitioners, also rapidly improves his own strength. Chapter 596 summon God array. There are no years in the mountains. Spring and autumn have passed for half a year. More and more people come to the surrounding mountains. It is roughly estimated that there are at least 30000 martial arts practitioners participating in this activity, but most of them do not belong to combat power. In this half a year , evil demons became more and more arrogant. Several people led by great Asura tortured and killed everywhere. Even the martial artists on the first four floors of the nether passage were no longer safe. In just six months, they killed everywhere and countless dead bodies were written by great Asura and others. They should prepare for the restoration of the nether emperor, collect the spirits and set up a great array of souls to call the gods. Under such an urgent environment, It also makes many martial artists come to the tenth floor to seek shelter. With the suppression of the divine operator and others, it has become a rare place of comfort in the nether passage. About the actions of the great Shura and others, the divine suanzi has also sent several waves of Crusades, but due to the rapid recovery of the great Asura and other evil demons during the killing, they have almost been comparable to the heyday, so they go The people in the Dragon list are also quite damaged, and the effect is very little. Finally, the transportation ship of Qingyun regiment can only be sent out to connect many martial artists. The number of martial artists in the 100 dragon list has reached two-thirds. Major groups have participated in it one after another.


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