So Tao Dan intends to please Li Siyu, and she won\’t be stingy.

\”Blame yourself,\” Fang Yang said. It\’s all because Leighton is eager to win and uses these evil things that don\’t know their origin. As a result, Leighton\’s spirit has been absorbed and destroyed under the black hand bone. \”A generation of experts, it must be so.\” Fang Yang walked forward a few steps, glanced at Leighton\’s dead body, and finally locked his eyes on the black hand bone. On the surface, the hand bone should be a part of the forearm, but it is much stronger than the hand bone of ordinary people, and the whole body is dark, not like ordinary things. But perhaps without the blood essence supply, from the surface, you can only feel the Yin evil on the hand bone, and the previous mystery can not be carefully observed. Even now when he remembered the Yin evil Qi surging from the black arm, Fang Yang felt cold all over. \”Evil thing\” he hesitated, urged pure Yang Xuanqi to wrap it on the hand bone, specially found an empty storage ring, and then stored it in it. No matter what it is, the unpredictable force of the hand bone is real. If possible, Fang Yang wants to explore it and see if he can find a trace of something strange. Then he took Leighton\’s storage ring out and checked it, but he also found some good things. The most useful one is a Tianlei stone. Its palm size is uneven. Its whole body is silvery white. When Fang Yang holds it in his hand, he can feel the surging power of lightning and crackle. \”Leidun\’s thunder power is quite good. If I can absorb the thunder power of thunder stone into my body and integrate it with pure Yang Xuanqi, it can greatly enhance the power of pure Yang Xuanqi.\” when I thought of this, Fang Yang took it away carefully. At this time, Luo Xiaoyan\’s body fell down. \”Fang Yang, are you all right?\” Luo Xiaoyan asked. Previously, when the black arm appeared, he noticed that it was bad and wanted to help, but Luo Sheng and Luo Sheng were still in front of him. Once Luo Xiaoyan left them and had no shelter, he might be affected by the evil spirit of this thing. He had no choice but to go. But unexpectedly, even he felt a quiet black arm, which was broken by Fang Yang\’s sword. At the thought of the dragon eye pupil split between Fang Yang\’s eyebrows, Qiang Ruo Luo smiled and said that there was something unnatural on his face. Fang Yang had already discovered that Luo Xiaoyan was here, but he was deeply involved in a fierce fight and didn\’t pay attention. At this time, he shook his head slightly when he asked, \”it\’s nothing.\” \”I wanted to protect Luo Sheng and Xiaoyu, so I couldn\’t do it.\” he smiled apologetically at Fang Yang. Fang Yang naturally didn\’t feel bad about such a generous attitude. He said with a smile: \”if master Luo intervened in this matter, I would be dissatisfied. The reason why I separated from Uncle Li and brother Huang Mei is that I want to experience the bloody killing and life and death. Even if I die in the battle between experts, I don\’t want to be looked after and do nothing.\” chapter 547 heart of martial arts


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