Pushing the car into the yard, Li Siyu helped him carry the cloth into the house.

Although Yu hongdie wanted to stimulate Xuanqi, her meridians were extremely painful. It was difficult to stimulate a trace. Her face was decadent and she closed her eyes. Once she plunged into the black water and turned into bones for a moment, it should not hurt. Unfortunately, she failed to live up to Fang Yang\’s expectations and Qian Wenfei sneered with Xiaoyi: \”When I return to the regiment, I will cut off your brother\’s head! Let your sister and brother get together.\” He looked proud. Yu hongdie had no mysterious Qi at this time. Once he entered the water, he would die. He and Luo Tao were too lazy to see more, so they had to turn around and leave. At this time, there was a loud bang, the black water burst between the quiet pools, and a figure flew out in an instant. When they saw that Yu hongdie was about to plunge into the black water, the figure rushed out, which also happened to kill her The two of them caught Yu hongdie directly. Yu hongdie, who had agreed to her fate, only felt that she had bumped into a warm chest. She couldn\’t help but open her eyes in doubt. When she had to see clearly the handsome face in front of her, she was stunned first, and then filled with surprise and joy: \”Fang Yang?\” her tone was more uncertain. Hasn\’t Fang Yang been swallowed by the black water? Now I\’m not happy \”I came out in time.\” Fang Yang grinned and showed his white teeth. Yu hongdie looked a little shaken and finally confirmed that the person in front of him was Fang Yang! However, although he was Fang Yang, he had undergone earth shaking changes compared with the previous person who had no strength to bind chickens. When he was seriously injured, Fang Yang felt weak, pale and sickly. At this time, Fang Yang looked thin Rong was still the same face, but his eyebrows were flying. There was a sense of arrogance and recklessness on his smiling face, which made people\’s heart ripple at a glance. Fang Yang\’s whole body was red and dark, like a burning man and fierce. He looked at Qian Wenfei and his two people in the air with burning eyes, and said in a loud voice, \”what did you say just now?\” Qian Wenfei and Luo Tao were stunned. They turned around and looked at Fang Yang. They didn\’t recognize him for the first time. A moment later, Qian Wenfei was stunned: \”who are you? How can it be\” \”who? The person who wants to kill you!\” Fang Yang took out two five yuan real elixirs and fed Yu hongdie and Xiaoyi, then patted her on the shoulder, \”I\’ll come right away.\” Yu hongdie shook her face and nodded stupidly.


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