The garment factory is not far from the mining factory. Take the bus for five minutes.

Those martial artists saw Ma Youshen and Shang Wen die with their own eyes. There was no sense of war. They screamed and fled around. Just Fang Yang\’s killing intention moved. Where could they leave? Under the foot burning fire step, no martial artist could make a move in his hand. A moment later, the hall here was quiet. Chapter 399 when the holy dew heals a cup of tea, the battle in the whole hall has been settled. Fang Yang moved and quickly came to Xin Guihua\’s side. \”Fang Yang, you\” Xin Guihua still had a dull expression on their faces. It was clear that Fang Yang had fallen into the situation of almost dying. How could it be that all these people died in the blink of an eye? It was too strange. \”This is not the time to talk about it.\” Fang Yang shook his head, ignored the details, and directly lowered himself to check the trauma on sun Manzi. Xuanqi turned in his body, and Fang Yang\’s face was slightly heavy. Sun Manzi\’s condition was worse than he thought, although there had been Xin Guihua instilling the mysterious Qi of wood attribute into him and trying to recover from his injury. However, the mysterious Qi contained in the purple stripe xuanbing was too strong. It was not forced by the mysterious Qi of Xin Guihua. At this time, the mysterious Qi invaded sun Manzi\’s viscera and had already hurt himself. His breath was weak and his spirit was depressed. It seemed that he could not support it. \”How about Fang Yang? What should I do?\” Xin Guihua shouted anxiously, looking at Fang Yang\’s face. Gou Sishui and Tang are still worried. \”His flesh was badly hurt and his vitality was slim. I first forced out the five Ding mountain opening Qi in his body with Xuanqi.\” Fang Yang said, and his right hand hung in the air on sun Manzi\’s chest. The red light in his palm flowed, and the meaning of the real dragon also crossed in and out. The position of sun Manzi\’s chest. Under the circulation of mild and mysterious Qi, Fang Yang quickly found the source of the domineering axe Qi in sun Manzi\’s body. Then, Fang Yang was forced by Xuanqi, wrapped in the overbearing breath and pulled out of sun Manzi\’s body. Hoo. With Fang Yang\’s right hand waving, the mysterious Qi in the palm was also directly thrown out. The Xuan Qi hit the wall on one side and burst open, with a huge roar. The hard wall was also blasted out of a big pit by the Xuan Qi. Xin Guihua\’s face changed slightly, and sun Manzi\’s body was stirring endlessly. It turned out to be such a powerful mysterious Qi. \”Now? Will it be all right if the mysterious Qi is forced out?\” Xin Guihua asked. Fang Yang shook his head solemnly; \”Although Xuanqi was forced out, the trauma on his body had been suffered, unless there was something strong that could restore the flesh.\” half of the words, his eyes flashed and suddenly thought of something, \”yes!\”


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