There was a couple eating in santaichung. One of the men showed an incredible expression on his face when he saw Li Siyu.

The man had to admit that what Fang Yang said was very reasonable. Every word of the boy spoke to his heart, which made his heart itch. His face changed and seemed to be struggling violently. After a moment, he clenched his teeth and said: \”OK! I\’ll believe you. I\’ll help you break the shackles of Xuanqi first, but if you don\’t come to help me as promised, I won\’t make you feel better! Even if I\’m trapped at the bottom of the fire slurry, my soul and thoughts can come out at will. Even if I can\’t hurt you, your whereabouts can be exposed. You can\’t escape if I\’m found by Chunyang Zhenzong!\” Seeing the man\’s promise, Fang Yang looked happy and said firmly, \”don\’t worry, senior. As long as you can really help me out of trouble, I will not abandon the agreement. I will do it if I promise!\” \”Hum, listen up, boy. I\’ll teach you a special unique skill now. Your soul power is good. It happens that I also have a martial arts that is specially inspired by the soul power. It\’s not a problem for you to practice. Breaking the shackles is not a problem!\” the man said, his lips moving, and began to teach Fang Yang\’s martial arts. Chapter 337 fire god soul Chunyang peak main hall. \”Fang Yang has been imprisoned in jinghuoyan cave for three days. I don\’t know if he is crazy.\” Zhao Zhen sneered. \”Even if he is not crazy, the situation must be good. We all know the situation in jinghuoyan cave. Even if we don\’t have anything, we don\’t want to go to the magma place. The fire is really painful.\” \”Don\’t let that boy die, at least get the whereabouts of his ancient cave!\” \”that\’s natural.\” \”I\’ve sent someone to several sects to tell about Fang Yang. In half a month, I\’ll open the evil killing meeting. At that time, several large sects who have enemies with Fang Yang will come. Don\’t make any mistakes.\” \”Half a month? Almost. If the boy still can\’t let go after half a month of baking in the fire slurry, he\’ll be left alone.\” \”is there really no problem in the jinghuoyan cave?\” suddenly an elder frowned, \”at the bottom of the magma, is that man still imprisoned there?\” Hearing this, the other elders\’ discussions were interrupted, and their expressions became a little unnatural. \”That man is really a trouble. However, he has been suppressed in the magma for a hundred years. Even if he is still alive and his body is empty, he can\’t think of any storm.\” \”What\’s to worry about? He\’s at the bottom of the magma, where we can\’t even enter. Are you still afraid of his contact with Fang Yang boy? Even if there is contact, what\’s the use of two useless people?\” \”yes, yes. We\’re too worried.\” \”These days, I\’d better be busy about the current situation of Chunyang Zhenzong. I don\’t know if I\’m satisfied with longwushuang.\” as soon as they spoke, they didn\’t take this matter to heart.


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