He rubbed his temples and sat by the bed, facing Pei Zihan.

The group of beast palace warriors who were blocked outside the glass cover were also able to rush in, screamed one by one, and fought head-on with the women of Shuiyue mountain. Blood is flying everywhere, and martial artists are constantly dying. \”Without the mountain protection array, what else can you take to stop me?\” Chen Si roared and controlled the mountain swallowing Python to roll towards the Shuiyue mountain. When this huge body was smashed, it was obvious that at least dozens of Shuiyue mountain women were going to die here. At this time, the three old women moved together. \”Chen Sixiu\’s rampant, your opponent is us!\” grandma sun shouted. They all held a walking stick in their hands. Grandma Wang was the leading walking stick, and grandma sun and grandma Ma were snake head walking sticks. At this time, Xuanqi crossed in. As soon as the walking stick opened, it was like a river hanging and colliding, and three huge majestic currents of water bombarded out, blocking the pace of the mountain swallowing python. \”A few old and immortal, I\’ll send you on the road today!\” Chen Si said, moving and killing in front of Grandma Wang. His breath was like the roar of a beast. He was fierce and overbearing. As soon as he rushed down, his posture was like a beast going down the mountain. Mother-in-law Wang was unwilling to be outdone. As soon as they came into contact with each other, there was a thunder explosion, and the dark air fluctuated around. Even mother-in-law sun felt it difficult to resist. \”Hatefully, my big bow is destroyed in the mausoleum, otherwise you don\’t need to kill yourself.\” Chen Si secretly hates, and his hand is like thunder. Although it is also the peak level of the empty and dark realm, the strength of Grandma Wang is not a bit worse than that of chensi. First, CHEN Si has a very high talent. He has been immersed in the peak level of the empty and dark realm for many years and has been close to the early sun. Second, Granny Wang is old. On the surface, she is the peak of the empty and dark world. In fact, her own quality has decreased, resulting in a lot of weakening of her strength. Therefore, the two people have less than 100 moves to fight. Granny Wang has been bombarded by CHEN Si\’s palm strength for three times, spitting blood again and again, and her face is pale and aging. As for grandma sun, the mountain swallowing Python at the top of the empty underworld was unbearable, almost crushed and fled. Even if the number of women in Shuiyue mountain has an advantage, as long as CHEN Si can\’t be suppressed, all the advantages are like a dream and nothing. \”Shuiqianrou hasn\’t appeared yet. Do you want to watch you die?\” Chen Si smiled grimly. \”Well, I\’ll break off your old guy\’s head first and throw it to the mountain to see if she can sit still!\” Chen Si said, his body advanced, his hands closed heavily, and the mysterious Qi riot turned into two huge palm forces, one left and one right, attacking Grandma Wang. Mother-in-law Wang looked flustered and waved the leading crutch in her hand. With a bang, the water vapor exploded. She just shook her palm strength, but she failed to stop the attack of CHEN Si. \”Do you really want to die here?\” she trembled and was really out of strength. At this time, the sword roared like thunder. Boom! Two dark sword Qi turned into a virtual shadow of dragon and snake. They collided with each other in two palm strengths and annihilated one after another.


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