The old lady sat on the ground foolishly, which is not good.

The fighters with the black tooth regiment retreated far behind and gave up a large space for the two to fight. \”Can you feel at ease?\” Huang Ning sneered. \”It\’s just the life of a group of ordinary fighters. You really value it.\” The light in his hand flashed, and a golden sharp blade appeared in his hand. The golden blade was narrow and long, with a swift Leopard Animal tattooed on it. There was a faint animal shadow flowing, and the breath was extraordinary. Fang Yang glanced at his blade and said in a deep voice, \”is it an ancient xuanbing?\” \”Hey, you have a look. Yes, this golden beast pattern sword is what I got in a cave in the bone tooth mountains. It must have been quenched by a metal warrior in the early Yang environment, and it matches my attributes very well.\” Huang Ning holds a sword flower in his hand, and the Leopard Animal Shape on the blade is even more vivid. It seems that he can come out at any time. \”Today, let you sacrifice my golden animal pattern sword with blood!\” \”sharp golden awn!\” the blade in his hand was horizontal. Thousands of golden awns surged out and turned into countless sword Qi. Fang Yang only felt that his eyes were full of gold. The golden sword light was like ten thousand arrows, and he was shrouded in dense mahjong. \”Purple broken!\” Fang Yang is also a tooth for a tooth. The purple broken sword Qi swarmed out. The whole grey sparrow mountain was covered with gold and purple. The sword Qi collided with each other, banging and shining. In the distance, black sparrow, Qin Chuan and others can only vaguely see the gold and purple sword Qi sweeping away. What happened is not clear. \”Will Fang Yang be all right?\” Wuque\’er said anxiously. Qin Chuan also frowned, but he was still confident: \”Lord, there will be no problem! Lord is fighting there, and we can\’t be idle! We can\’t help the enemy Huang Ning, but it\’s different for these warriors.\” \”kill the black tooth regiment first!\” Qin Chuan burst into a drink. The mysterious Qi of the wind around him flowed, and the claw prints swept across. He gained a lot from his previous retreat. He used to be a martial artist in the empty and dark realm. Although he fell in the middle realm once, once he was promoted, he would only have a stronger understanding of the empty and dark realm. Qin Chuan practiced the skill of Fengyun sect, Fengyun Jue, which is Fengyun Jue It\’s also a good skill to urge the wind to be mysterious and sharp. Under his first hand, several martial artists in the empty and dark world of the black tooth regiment over there couldn\’t resist it. They were swept by the wind blade and were slightly injured. The rest of Qin Chuan woke up like a dream. The martial artists in the grey sparrow mountain are very aggressive. \”Kill these bastards!\”


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