People usually go in and out of the office, but they can\’t go into the space, so it\’s best to find a place where no one can eat.

Only the man who ridiculed before had a blue and white face and wanted to dodge. But he just said those words and ran away now. Didn\’t he hit himself in the face? He also regretted for a while. Unexpectedly, this guy\’s strength was really so strong. The man gritted his teeth and mobilized his mysterious Qi. \”Tianyang Fire Dance!\” Fang Yang whispered, and the fireball gathered in his palm was thrown out. Bang! When the fireball touched the border wall, it suddenly exploded, and a huge flame soared, and the violent air flow rushed around with Fang Yang as the center. The man\’s face in the empty and dark world changed greatly, and he couldn\’t care about face any more. His body armor was almost mysterious At the moment of bursting, he was smashed by the air blast. He shrank back in panic. Rao was also affected by the air blast, his body trembled slightly, and a mouthful of blood gushed out. Fortunately, he retreated quickly enough. If he was affected by the pure Yang mysterious gas, his internal organs would be severely damaged! The explosion of the fire dance of the sun lasted for three or four minutes before it gradually dispersed, When the pure Yang\’s mysterious Qi dissipated, there was a big pit in Fang Yang\’s previous position. As for the knot that was originally covered in front of Fang Yang, it became extremely thin under the previous Tianyang fire dance, and then slowly disappeared and scattered like snow water meeting the sun. Knot, break! \”It\’s really broken! It\’s powerful\” \”Is this Fang Yang\’s strength? Chunyang\’s Xuanqi doesn\’t say. Now he has such a powerful move.\” \”shit, it\’s worthy of a head worth 50 million yuan. Fortunately, I just really wanted to fight. Now I see that it\’s fucking death!\” it\’s nothing to compete with him in the empty and dark world. \” Those martial arts practitioners who concentrate on the top of the realm are completely shocked by Fang Yang\’s skill. Now they can\’t afford to find fault. They annoy Fang Yang and throw them such a fireball. Who can stop it? They will be fried into meat in minutes. As for the five martial arts practitioners in the empty and dark realm, their faces are changeable, but they obviously don\’t look at Fang Yang as they did just now In my eyes, this is the function of strength. If you have strength, you will be respected by others. Especially the Kongming martial artist who has provoked, he is still embarrassed and bitter. Fang Yang looked at him calmly: \”why did you leave? Didn\’t you disdain it just now? I really thought you were a man. Now it seems, ha ha.\”


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