Lin Cheng put his bag on the table, knocked his legs and sat lazily on the chair.

However, Tang still insisted that if Ling Xuan didn\’t follow, Tang would still choose to die directly. Ling Xuan could only swallow it. However, Ling Xuan also thought of another way to revenge Tang still. All day long, Ling Xuan only took Tang still here for a stroll. That stroll is not to go back to Ling\’s house and never mention the release of Fang Yang. Tang still knew that this was Ling Xuan\’s revenge, but he had to rely on Ling Xuan. They had signed the tianphage contract, and Tang was still not afraid of Ling Xuan\’s repentance. This toss between the two is at night, and at this time, in the torture room of the Ling family. At this time, Fang Yang leaned against the wall and stared at the front door. At this time, Fang Yang\’s spirit is very excited. Fang Yang knows that something may happen at any time tonight, so Fang Yang should ensure that he has a good mental state all the time. \”Boy, if you can really go out tonight, be careful. The prison is heavily guarded. If you can\’t use force, don\’t use force. If you use force to cause movement, you probably can\’t leave.\” suddenly, Duan Ling said slowly: \”Don\’t underestimate this courtyard. Those ordinary guards won\’t say it, but even so, you can\’t bear the words of hundreds of friars in Zhenwu realm pestering you. In addition, there are those captains, each of whom is a friar at the peak of Lingwu. What\’s more, I always think it\’s not so simple in this courtyard.\” \”Well, don\’t worry, I know. Next, let\’s see if Wu fan has any plans. Last time he left in a hurry and didn\’t make it clear. This time, if he didn\’t make it clear to me, I wouldn\’t go with him, otherwise it would be like dying.\” Fang Yang said slowly. As soon as he said this, Duan Ling stopped talking. The time passed, and about two hours later, when Fang Yang was in a hurry, \”bang.\” the door of the prison suddenly opened, and then several figures came in. Fang Yang saw at a glance that the first two people were not others, but Wu fan and Huolan. \”Shua.\” He stood up fiercely, and the fine light in Fang Yang\’s eyes twinkled: \”you\’re coming.\” \”come with us, speed up.\” Wu fan whispered. At this time, Fang Yang\’s ears trembled slightly. Suddenly, he found that there was almost no footsteps outside. Every day, there were at least two teams of people patrolling the compound in the daytime. Just now Fang Yang heard it, but at this time, the footsteps of three or four hundred people seemed to disappear suddenly. \”Tell us your plan, or we can\’t get out.\” Fang Yangning said in a voice. Hearing this, Wu fan frowned: \”time is pressing. If you don\’t go with us, you\’ll stay here.\” hearing the speech, Fang Yang smiled: \”then I\’ll stay here.\” As soon as this remark came out, Wu fan took a look at Fang Yang and was slightly stunned. After hesitating for about two seconds, he sighed: \”you are always so cautious. At this age, you are so cautious. Who did you learn from?\”


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