And she has just seen it. Everyone is almost the same. Some people just buy a Wotou and eat it with boiling water.

The domineering power of the medicine is as rampant as a runaway wild horse in Fang Yang\’s body. Fang Yang is extremely painful and has a ferocious face. According to the truth, Fang Yang just needs to wait quietly for these powers to repair his body. Although these powers are domineering, don\’t forget that the \”prescription\” used by Fang Yang is \”Black jade intermittent cream!\” These medicinal properties are gathered together to repair! However, Fang Yang made an extremely bold move the next second! Almost biting his teeth and suffering from severe pain, Fang Yang pulled out his silver needles one by one! Without the blocking of the silver needles, all the medicinal powers suddenly gathered together like a hundred streams! The surging medicinal power seemed to bring Fang Yang together The body of Fang Yang was blown up! Even in the eyes of the most powerful doctors, it was definitely a suicide! It only took a few seconds, and the surging medicine could definitely make Fang Yang explode! Just at this time, Fang Yang\’s originally ferocious face was still ferocious, but his eyes calmed down! \”Forge my nine palaces and become the heart of my sword. My heart has a sword. The cherry peak is three feet, and the power of brilliance can break all the dharmas in the world!\” Fang Yang slowly spits out a sentence, which is the general outline of the opening chapter of Fang Yang\’s unique family school Wuxian sword Dao! At this time, Fang Yang not only wants to use this medicine to repair himself, but also wants to rely on Wuxian sword Dao To refine this medicine and improve his accomplishments! It has to be said that Fang Yang is very bold. If he is not careful, Fang Yang will easily explode and die. However, after being humiliated by Fang Tian this morning, Fang Yang knows that he has no time to slowly repair his body with those gentle methods, and then slowly improve his accomplishments. Otherwise, he will suffer more humiliation, and Those who secretly want their own life will not let themselves go! Fang Yang urgently needs strength, not to mention, Fang Yang has absolute self-confidence! Wuxian sword Dao naturally drives a sense of hegemony. Fang Yang has just started this skill, and that drug power is oppressed! And this is Wuxian sword Dao Otherwise, how can ordinary skills suppress such terrible medicine! And this is also the reason why Fang Yang dared to take risks and was confident! It can be seen that Fang Yang has settled down now. Fang Yang is a little relieved and is not busy refining these medicine, but let these medicine spread all over his body downstream of the skill! \”Black jade intermittent ointment!\” Fang Yang\’s most famous elixir in the last life has the effect of connecting the meridians of the human body! It can even greatly improve a person\’s root and bone talent! These elixirs swim away according to Fang Yang\’s ideas. Whenever you swim through every inch of Fang Yang\’s body, a piece of black liquid will be removed from Fang Yang\’s body immediately, which is extremely smelly! Fang Yang knows that this is an impurity in his body! That\’s it Like, slowly, an hour passed again, and the whole body swam away! The original ball of clean water had already become extremely dark at this moment, and the whole room was smelly, but Fang Yang\’s root bone had been greatly improved! As for Fang Yang\’s broken meridians, they had been repaired as before! Even after washing Fang Yang\’s body, \”black jade intermittent ointment\” Nearly half of the medicine power of Fang Yang was left! Fang Yang sneered at the rest of the medicine power. His whole body trembled, \”immortal sword road\” pushed him to the limit, and all the medicine power was attributed to the Dantian for a moment, and then distributed from the Dantian. According to the operation route of the skill, Fang Yang swam round and round. Everything was done at one go! One heavy


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