Yes. Yang Jun thought of something and said, my sister doesn\’t have a place to live. You can help her find a single room at that time. I have something else to do here.

However, the elixir of this elixir is an ancient one. It has been lost in the current practice world for many years. Therefore, no one knows that there are still people who can refine this elixir. I cherish all the formulas of all the elixirs from level 1 to level 9. I just wait until I get promoted again one day, and then collect materials to refine it. The residents who cherish fate stars benefit the most. Everyone\’s spiritual root attribute has been greatly changed, accompanied by the improvement of cultivation speed. Even Yu Shanshan, the genius of Mu Linggen. The spiritual root attribute has also been raised from the original nine to 98. Although it has not reached ten, it is also a great progress. Moreover, her cultivation has reached the early stage of going out of the body, and she has become one of the group with the highest cultivation among Xiyuan stars. Tong Tong, fire earth Shuangling root. The original fire is nine and the earth is eight five. Now, the accomplishments of huojiu and tujiu have reached the great perfection of Yuanying period. In the first half of the year of Xiyuan star, her accomplishments have increased very rapidly. She was glad to be able to follow Jane Xi with the three of them. Otherwise, she could not have been promoted so quickly in more than half a year. Tong Tong is really very grateful to Jian Xi. After all, it\’s a washing elixir. Jane Xi doesn\’t have to give it to them. When Jane Xi washed the elixir for them, she also made each of them swear that they should not reveal the secret of the elixir to anyone. The monk\’s oath was supervised by heaven. So Jane felt relieved. Guo Xia, the spirit root attribute of golden water double spirit root and golden seven water nine has now been increased to golden nine water nine. He is very balanced, so his cultivation has been promoted to the later stage of Yuanying. Zhao Xiaohan, mu Shuitu and the three departments of Linggen are qualified. It\’s not very good. The attribute of Linggen is Muba water, liutu two. Now the attribute of soil has all disappeared, Muba hasn\’t changed, and the water has reached eight. Zhao Xiaohan is lucky to become a genius of shuanglinggen, which makes Zhao Xiaohan very happy. When testing, she once jumped high and lost her usual steadiness. Jian Xi saw the other side of Zhao Xiaohan. Yu Miao, a pistachio of the same size as Xin Wei, has become a good brother on Xiyuan star. Although Yu Miao is a double spiritual root, the attributes of spiritual roots are not high. They are both six. After washing the spirit, they are now promoted to the Seventh Five Year Plan. Like Zhao Xiaohan, their accomplishments have reached the mid-term of Yuanying. Then there is the night breeze. Jian Xi, a great disciple, only has the excellent qualification of fire spirit root. The spirit root attribute of the original ninth five year plan has now crossed the ten barrier and has been promoted to ten. 3、 The cultivation has reached the later stage of foundation construction. Sister Yeyu is a water spirit root. The original spirit root attribute of 97 has now become an attribute of 10. Five evil geniuses, like his brother, reached the later stage of foundation building. The remaining simple and elegant water wood double spiritual roots, water 99 and wood 81, and now the attribute is the extreme state of ten, and wood is nine; Simple tiger fire wood double spirit root, fire nine wood 86, now fire 92, wood 92; Jian Qing said that little Lori is a spirit root of water, wood and earth, and her talent in this aspect is slightly worse. However, the original attribute value of water, eight trees and eight earth is three. Now the earth attribute has completely disappeared, while the two attributes of water and wood have not changed. The lovely little girl is also a genius of double spirit roots at this time; Jian Qingxuan Lei Jin\’s double spiritual roots, among which Lei Linggen belongs to different spiritual roots, and its attribute value is 98. Normally, it is an extremely excellent spiritual root attribute, while its metal value is only six. Although it has been improved a little, Lei Linggen\’s attribute has also reached ten. 6、 The attribute value of jinlinggen has reached 77. Jian Qingxuan can\’t eliminate the attribute value of a spirit root like Xin Yu and become a demon of a single system of different spirit roots, but in the end, he can also make these two kinds of spirit roots to the extreme, which is also quite powerful. Jane Xi was very glad that she was able to save her four children. Because of their complex experience, these children, like the wind and rain at night, cherish the opportunities in front of them. Therefore, their four children\’s cultivation is very hard, and there is almost no need to urge them to practice artificially. Moreover, the cultivation of the four of them reached the initial stage of foundation construction. After more than half a year\’s observation, Jane Xi also wants to officially accept the four of them as apprentices. After all, she likes the temperament of the four children. Although their talents are not as good as those of their brothers and sisters, diligence can make up for the gap in their talents. However, this situation is obviously not the best time to accept students. Qijiehanxing was surprised at the excellent talent of Jian Xi\’s family and friends. It can be said that most of them are talented disciples competing in the sect. There are only so many spiritual roots. After the cleansing and refining of the elixir, the spirit root has become purer and purer. No wonder they can improve so much in a very short time. Yu Muyang and Shao Yanyong saw that everyone was ready to board the spacecraft. When they arrived at Jianxi\’s next mission site, they came to Jianxi\’s face. Yu Muyang\’s sunny face looked at Jianxi. His Obsidian eyes looked at Jianxi and said: \”Jian Xi, Yanyong and I are going to be separated from you for a period of time. We both want to travel by ourselves. Our cultivation has increased rapidly during this period. We can consolidate our cultivation through actual combat. Now we come to say goodbye to you.\”. \”Why? You\’re leaving?\” Jane Xi was surprised, but it\’s normal to think about it. They can\’t always stay on their lucky stars. They\’re not her private collection, hard to say, nor her Jane Xi\’s pets. In fact, it\’s easy for these proud geniuses to feel attached to others, so it\’s normal to go. After getting the two people\’s affirmative answer again, Jane Xi said with a pen: \”OK! But before that, you get these.\” Jane Xi handed Yu Muyang a ring, \”I haven\’t separated the things here. Anyway, you two are walking together, so you can divide them yourself at that time, just some emergency pills and several sets of array flags. Although it\’s only a level 6 array, it\’s also useful. If you don\’t dislike it, don\’t pass it back to me.\” Jane Xi looked at Yu Muyang\’s gesture and pretended to be angry.


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