Who doesn\’t want to go?

At this time, Jane Xi looked at the body behind the carriage. It was a little wider and longer than the ordinary carriage. The appearance was not too gorgeous, but every detail was very exquisite. In addition, in front of the carriage, there was an ordinary middle-aged man sitting there, like a driver. The appearance of the middle-aged man was just like a real person, and he couldn\’t see any difference, Wearing a wide brimmed hat, he only showed the lower part of his face without looking at it. He couldn\’t see his eyes, and he even smiled and nodded, but he couldn\’t speak. Open the door carved with exquisite patterns and Jane Xi enters it. I didn\’t expect it to be so spacious. Look outside. It will not exceed the size of 67 square meters at most. When you enter it, you have a unique cave. When you want to refine it, you also add a lot of space elements. The area inside is about 30 square meters, eight meters long and nearly four meters wide. Carpets and other things are laid inside. However, Jane could smell the smell of the original friar, which made her very uncomfortable, so she pulled out all the decorations and burned them down. then. Set it up with your own things. The white plush carpet covered the carriage, and the white gauze hung on the window, which could be used as a bed. It was also covered with a layer of plush monster skin. A small table was placed on it, a set of exquisite white jade tea set was placed on it, and several single light cyan lazy sand scattered and fell on the white carpet. On the side of the carriage, on the two rows of low cabinets on the originally fixed carriage, two exquisite flower pots are placed on one side. There are crisp white flowers on them, blooming their beauty. The whole carriage is filled with a refreshing fragrance of flowers. This kind of flower. There is nothing on earth. Jian Xi found it in the Yanwu mountains. It is not only beautiful in shape, but also refreshing in fragrance. Now it is placed in this carriage. They complement each other. Among the small cabinets under the flowers, there are rows of small drawers, which can place some small sundries. A huge night pearl is placed on the top of the carriage, which makes the dark carriage very bright. It doesn\’t take long to clean up the carriage. It\’s all ready-made things. Just put them away. After the carriage becomes larger, the original aura is gone, and it\’s more like an ordinary carriage in the secular world. Jane Xi pinched a formula, and the coachman in front has already started on the road with a whip. The moving carriage is very stable. It won\’t bump a little because of the uneven ground. However, there is no TV, kitchen and bathroom in this carriage, otherwise it can be comparable to an RV. Jane Xi has time to see. She still has more than three years. Along the way, she walks slowly. On the one hand, she has a small goal. On the other hand, she can inquire about her family along the way. On the other hand, she can also see the folk customs on the mainland. As long as she doesn\’t keep a high profile, she shouldn\’t have too much risk if she wants to come. The city ahead is called chejian City, which belongs to the fengshu kingdom. The immortals generally don\’t care much about these secular countries. Therefore, they generally only remember the name of the city, but rarely seriously remember which country they belong to. But Jian Xi\’s map shows the name of the country. On this planet, I don\’t know how many countries, large and small, like fengshu country. Jian Xi looked at fengshu country with only a dozen cities speechless. A dozen cities can also be called a country? Jane Xi forgot at this time that there are still smaller countries on the earth, such as Monaco, with only 75 square miles and a population of only 30000, which is equivalent to a county seat in China. Nauru Island, with an area of only 8.1 square kilometers and a population of only 9000, as well as Maldives, is really a big country with more than a dozen huge cities. Jane Xi put down the map, and the divine knowledge scattered out of the car. If the coachman didn\’t observe the divine knowledge, he really couldn\’t see that it was just a dummy. The monk\’s means were really wonderful. The speed of her carriage was faster than that of ordinary carriages. Jane Xi was not in a hurry. It was too fast and would make passers-by feel abnormal. At this time, she found that a team of dozens of people behind came more quickly on fast horses. Jane Xi didn\’t think this team was coming to catch up with her, but it was the first group of people she met on the official road. She felt that there were many of them, and they rode very tall horses under the seat. They rushed very quickly. Fortunately, when Jane Xi\’s divine knowledge found them earlier, she let her carriage lean to the side of the road to avoid blocking others\’ roads. Soon, the team had reached the back of Jane Xi\’s carriage. The team did not slow down slightly because there was a carriage in front. It blew past her like a gust of wind and roared in the direction of chejian city.


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