The other daughters-in-law stared at the old lady and the two sons stared at the dumplings.

However, then, the voice of Yu Muyang sounded in Jian Xi\’s ear: \”Jian Xi, why did you come to the auction?\” Jane Xi heard that Yu Muyang was sending a message to her, and it didn\’t exceed her expectation, so she whispered, \”didn\’t you come too? My mother and I came to see if there is anything we need for cultivation. I heard that this auction is the top in the world. Take a chance. How about you? Why didn\’t I find you two days ago?\” \”We\’ve only been on the boat for less than half an hour. The first two days are secular auctions. No matter how precious items are for ordinary people, they\’re useless for us immortals. So we didn\’t waste that time. It\’s just tonight\’s auction. According to martial uncle, tonight\’s auction is the highlight. There will be some strange items auctioned at tonight\’s auction, among which there may be talents Earth treasure or immortal treasure, maybe, \”said Yu Muyang. \”Oh, that\’s right!\” although Jane Xi and Jane Xinyan have been here for the third day, they don\’t know the inside information. However, if they confirm with the previous two days, they will understand why the werewolves, vampires and people from the Holy See of light will come the next day, and all of them are secular people on the first day. However, there were different items at yesterday\’s auction. I think there should be more today. Sure enough, the first auction item presented was not a mortal thing. Jian Xi recognized it at a glance. It was a staff inlaid with precious stones. The smell of light attribute on it was strong. This smell immediately made all seven people in the Holy See of light stare round their eyes, but the next auction was not so smooth. Vampires The werewolves and the people of the Holy See of light began to compete. Originally, vampires and werewolves can\’t use magic tools of bright nature. If they are forcibly used, they will hurt themselves. However, Jane Xi overheard their conversation before she knew what the vampires and werewolves were up to. It turned out that vampires and werewolves were born hostile to the Holy See of light. The people of the Holy See of light would do more harm to the two peoples with the magic tools of the attribute of light. In order not to increase each other\’s strength, they also tried every means to prevent each other from taking favorable treasures. After a while, the werewolf retreated, leaving only vampires competing with the people of the Holy See of light, and the price of magic weapons became higher and higher. Finally, the people of the Holy See of light won this magic weapon, but they also paid a price several times its value, which made the eyes of several people of the Holy See of light looking at the vampire family even more gloomy. In addition, there will be different immortal cultivation items, most of which are also in the category of magic tools, and one or two spirit tools, but the price is also quite high. Jian Xi also made a spirit sword. The quality is not even middle-grade. She can\’t use it herself, nor can Xin Yu, but she can prepare it for Jane\’s mother Jane Xinyan, who will build the foundation sooner or later. This spirit sword is not useful to Westerners, but there are many fewer competitors. Some Chinese secular people followed the auction several times. When they saw that some compatriots were also bidding, they withdrew. Some Western businessmen gradually withdrew, leaving the auction of Jian Xi and the other two groups. Yu Muyang whispered a few words with the old man with him and withdrew, Finally, Jian Xi competed with the monks of the two teams. Yu Muyang said to Jian Xi that the two people were casual practitioners and the details were not rich. After Jane Xi learned that, she transmitted it to the old man of the other party. After thinking and thinking, the old man also gave up. Fortunately, the price didn\’t rise too high. Jane is glad. Jian Xi was either not interested in the next auction or gave it to Yu Muyang and the old man. It was not until a delicate wooden box was carried out at the meeting that she attracted all of Jian Xi\’s attention, because she felt a strong vibration in the ring. When the host opened the wooden box, the detailed information of the items in the wooden box was introduced on the large screen behind the host. Others may not know it, but Jane Xi can\’t be more familiar with it. The stone tablet is the ninth stone tablet, and there is a stone carving with nine lotus petals. Jian Xi doesn\’t know what the stone carving is, but she knows that she has got eight stone tablets, only the last one. She doesn\’t know what the stone tablet is. After taking it out from the host, Jian Xi also carefully observed the stone tablet and stone carving with divine consciousness, but there is still no spiritual fluctuation. While Jian Xi was observing the auction, the other two teams of monks were also exploring the auction with their divine knowledge. When Jian Xi\’s divine knowledge saw the expressions of the two elderly leaders, they already knew that they saw no spiritual power fluctuation, so they were not very interested. However, Jane Xi had a hunch that if she collected the nine stone slabs, there might be some amazing changes or secrets. Indeed, there is no energy fluctuation, just like the auction of broken stone slabs on the street and a carved lotus. Although they are still exquisite, they can hardly be said to be two antiques, but people can\’t find any flavor related to the cultivation of immortals. Therefore, the reserve price of $50 million has exceeded its own antique value, so I\’m talking about a few bidding, Jane Xi competed easily without any accidents and twists and turns. Yu Muyang looked curiously at Jian Xi\’s auction of these two seemingly ordinary stone slabs and stone carvings at a price of 90 million. He couldn\’t help being curious, but he didn\’t ask questions. Some things were more annoying. Jian Xi quietly photographed the slate and nine petal lotus stone carvings. Most people didn\’t care much. They were much more valuable than these two pieces, just 90 million, but they attracted their attention.


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