Li Siyu\’s eyes lit up when she heard this. She has food. Can she change jobs?

In 2005, Wang Feng took charge of the composition of lyrics, music and the arrangement, production and singing of the whole music. The single \”I love you, China\” with a very strong \”mark of Wang Feng\” is a touching and blood boiling rock song with strong expressiveness, shock and infinite creativity. There is also his \”flower fire\”. He compares human life and soul to a flower. In the fire, the flower will burn, either turn into ashes, or be reborn in the fire to obtain a new brilliance. This song uses a narrative method with a great sense of picture, which is very durable to listen to. There is also a very nice and dynamic English song \”relax, take it easy\”, which was nominated for the best international song in 2008. It was sung by Mika (formerly mica Penniman) and praised by well-known DJs. At noon, I initially decided on several songs, and the rest was to find music scores and practice. After all, several people had little experience, so I decided to go to teacher Tian who taught them drums after class in the evening to persuade him to help them rehearse. After the matter was settled, it was almost time to see. We patted the dust on our bodies and went back to the classroom to continue our class. However, many people have seen the picture of the five people gathered under the tree to discuss things, which is confirmed by the rumors that they want to form a band. These young girls are more certain about the authenticity of the news, and are full of expectations for such a combination. Things went unexpectedly well. Mr. Tian readily agreed to the requests of several children. He has rich experience in this field and is more than enough to guide these children. The practice site has also been found. It is solved by an idle garage provided by cangjun, Xinyu\’s father. There are no residents around the garage, which is just suitable for their noisy activities. In addition, the garage is not far from Jian Xi, which is also very convenient for them. Wang xiaopang\’s father also found an idle garage, but it was not used because it is very far from Jian\’s house. In this way, Jane Xi used her spare time to clean up the garage, move all the musical instruments in, and debug and install the audio equipment. Every day they eat at Jane\’s house. After learning English with Mrs. Fang, Wang Mingfu will send a car to pick up Mr. Tian and take them to the garage to practice. They arranged the time very reasonably, which did not make them feel that it was not enough. Every day\’s class, class, meal, tutorial and practice were orderly. In addition to music and singing, a happy sound can always be heard in the garage. They laugh and make noise after practice. Sometimes they improvise and play the music they think of at any time. The atmosphere is very good, relaxed and casual. Even Mr. Tian is infected by their vitality and becomes one with them. This is also the time, A few people found that not only did Tianhao sing well, but Jian Xi\’s voice was also perfect. Sometimes gentle and sometimes high pitched tunes were really good. It was recognized by everyone, but she said she would not be the lead singer, and said that these songs were still suitable for boys. Seeing that she was very determined, we didn\’t insist any more, but Tianhao didn\’t disappoint you. It\’s really a show! Jian Xi still sticks to her original training rhythm after rehearsal. Now she climbs the stairs in the middle of the night, which is comparable to brother Jing in shooting carving. No, she is even worse than great Xia Guo, because she also carries a dog. What\’s more funny is that every time the God of war lies on Jian Xi\’s back, his two front legs around Jian Xi\’s neck are more like a big child, At first, Jane Xi tied it with a tape. Later, she didn\’t take the tape. One person and one dog gradually got used to going upstairs and downstairs in this way. Just be careful not to be seen. On the eve of the school celebration, Jian Xi had already upgraded the \”wooden student\” to the middle level, and the state was already very stable, and had time to start studying the classics on the introduction of array found in those ancient books. At the beginning, she looked at it like a heavenly book, but with a little introduction, she seemed to be addicted to solving mathematical problems. She spent almost all her sleep time reading array books every day. Then she went to the roof and meditated on the roof to restore her energy. She enjoyed it and gradually achieved results. Her mental strength seemed to increase and her five senses became more acute, but she also knew that it was not time to build a foundation, She won\’t have divine knowledge yet, but hearing and seeing also make her feel very happy. Xinyu has also successfully introduced Qi into the body, entered the first level of Qi training, and officially became a junior friar. Under such harsh conditions, he can successfully introduce Qi into the body. Good qualification and willingness to work hard are the key to his success. Jian Xi is also sincerely happy. She is also trying to study arrays. After she can arrange simple arrays, We must set up a small gathering array for him to help him practice. Since Xinyu introduced Qi into her body, her appearance is more symmetrical, her facial features are more three-dimensional and exquisite, her skin is good enough to make girls envy, envy and hate, and her temperament is more prominent, which also attracts those girls in the school. Every day after school, many young girls wait in front of the school. Only when they see their idols leave will they reluctantly go back to their homes. What bothers Xinyu in particular is that a little girl on the first day of junior high school is more enthusiastic and bold. She guards at the door of the classroom after class or school every day. Where Xinyu goes and where she goes. Even if she went to the bathroom last time, she will wait at the door of the bathroom and make a group of boys laugh. This small and beautiful little girl is called Liu Yu. Because of her daily encirclement and interception Now, not only class 2.18, but also the whole Guangfu middle school knows her existence. Even if Xinyu ignores her and treats her indifferently, she can\’t stop her burning enthusiasm. Jian Xi watched all this helplessly and smiled bitterly. Fortunately, Xin Yu is not the kind of rotten peach blossom, otherwise Liu Yu is a loser! Now the girl is really… She doesn\’t know how to describe it. But Liu Yu didn\’t think so. She angered Jian Xi and Ruo Nan. From the beginning, she kept silent and gradually looked coldly at each other. Then she looked cold and hummed. Seeing that they ignored them, she gradually… Intensified and began to make verbal attacks. Later, she began to publicize in the school: Jian Xi liked Xinyu, dominated Xinyu and hung Tianhao, If the man is also unclear with the two boys.


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