Since she went to school, she never went to the mountains again and wanted to follow her around the mountains.

Shanghai waved Xian Bone casually. At that moment, his body exploded, and even dense cracks appeared on his head.boom……The secret palace collapsed, and everything turned into nothingness.The elders and elders showed their best efforts and desperately resisted this shocking force. Lei Heng, Feng Xuan and others also urged energy to resist.Bang bang bang…There was a terrifying blast, and the defensive power of Lei Heng and Lei Heng almost burst. For the first time since time immemorial, they felt the fear of despair. Even though they were the reincarnated body of the god emperor, they also recovered 30% of their strength. , There is no way to resist it.boom……The sky was crushed.That hand was blasted out, and the reincarnation of the Heavenly Emperor God Emperor was shattered, and a drop of blood fell, smashed under the ground, and knocked out a bottomless pit.Xian…Bone…You actually have a fairy bone… The voice of the reincarnation body of the Tianyu God Emperor was heard in the sky, and it was a drop of his blood that was only destroyed. Although it was a drop of blood, it was also a god emperor. The body of reincarnation is transformed into the power of 10%.The loss of this strength is a huge loss for the reincarnation of the Tianyu Divine Emperor. Obviously he did not expect that Shanghai would have fairy bones.At this time!Two eyes stared at Shanghai, Lei Heng and Feng Xuan were both staring at the fairy bone in front of out……Under the rebirth of the ancient demon, Shanghai\’s body quickly recovered.Seeing Shanghai\’s recovery, the two Lei Heng\’s expressions were particularly complicated. Immediately after their figure moved, the void completely broke open, and the two disappeared one after another.Shanghai watched Lei Heng and two of them leave, and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the power of Xian Bone had already startled the two of them, otherwise it would be a little troublesome. After all, Lei Heng and two of them are the reincarnation of the god emperor. If you really want to work hard, it is not enough to rely on Uncle Duan, the eight emperor guards, and Yun Xianluo.And after the fairy bones were swung out, Shanghai was already hit hard. These heavy hits can\’t be recovered in a moment, at least it will take a while. This is because the first generation of Shanghai was an immortal, so the strength of the immortal bones he had suffered was reduced to the lowest level. If I changed to the rest of the people, the instant the immortal bones were waved, they would have already fallen.Click…The Fenglong cylinder trembled, and then a series of cracks emerged.


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