\”It\’s my father,\” Qi Jieshu replied proudly.

In fact, Zihu is right. Asking Chiyue and other figures at the quasi-divine emperor level will have a greater effect, but these characters, which one is not at the top of the cultivator, can be helped by these people once, but only It is almost impossible for them to do other things.Unless, like the old immortal, you use absolute power to suppress it, which is not yet possible in Shanghai.call out……The cross-domain teleportation array had been teleported for three days. When they walked out of the teleportation array, the Shanghai two couldn\’t help being stunned, because the exit of the teleportation array was the lower heaven of God\’s domain, not the middle heaven as imagined.The four imperial palaces have already occupied the middle level of the gods. The four imperial palaces previously destroyed our perish alliance. They just want to annex us, so we can only move to the lower level of heaven.Chiyue’s tone was full of helplessness. He could see the winners and losers very well, but he was somewhat unwilling. With his patience, joining the Four Great Palaces would be relied upon, but Chiyue didn’t want to do that. Still somewhat ambitious, unwilling to succumb to others.This place is the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss in the lower sky. We have to fly by for a few days before we reach the temporary residence of the God Alliance. Chiyue said.Leader Scarlet Moon, are you sure this is the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss? Shanghai\’s eyes suddenly lit up.It can be determined.Thank you, the leader of the Scarlet Moon, return first, I will find someone, and then go to the Death League later. Shanghai said.It\’s okay. Anyway, I have nothing to do for the time being, so let\’s go with Brother Lin. Chiyue is also quite curious about the person Shanghai is looking for. He naturally knows the relationship between Shanghai and the Six Profound Gods. In the current situation of Xuan Shenzun, Shanghai did not go to see him immediately, but to find another person. Obviously that person was not easy, at least he was not weak.And those who can be valued by Shanghai should be at least a quasi-divine emperor level figure.only!This is the lower heaven of God\’s Domain. There are also a few people at the quasi-god emperor level who live in seclusion in the lower heaven. Chiyue knows all of them, but I have never heard of such a person in the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss. Go to meet with Shanghai, Quandang will get acquainted with each other, and will be able to take care of it multiple times in the future.Wanmoyuan!The terrain is quite peculiar, with an area of ​​about tens of billions of miles, and there are tens of thousands of bottomless pits all around, some of which are as wide as one billion li, and some are only one foot in width at most.Due to the thin vitality of the heavens and the earth here, coupled with the lack of cultivation resources, the cultivators entrenched here are all of extremely low realm, but there are exceptions. Some figures of the gods will come here to live in seclusion, mainly for motivation. The different fires in the pit are used to temper treasures and practice.Shanghai hugged the purple fox and flew in front, Chiyue followed. The three of them flew along the front. They encountered some practitioners in the past. These people felt the breath of Shanghai\’s group of people and chose to avoid it. Far away.Suddenly, Shanghai speeded up, Chiyue followed closely.call out……


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