Hence the pain of the God of war and the corpse of the giant tiger tiger, the essence of which is condensed, and the scene of the inheritance of the white tiger blood is stimulated and enhanced.

Let\’s go.You are not afraid?Stop talking nonsense, if there is that nonsense time, it\’s better to find something earlier. Shanghai waved his hand.You kid still speaks a little credit. Lao Fu died complimented, \”Follow me, don\’t go wrong, or you will be in trouble.\” After speaking, Lao Fu took steps, and his footsteps became It becomes weird, sometimes stepping on the left and right, sometimes staggering, sometimes stepping half a foot, sometimes stepping ten feet, each time there is a unique change.If it weren’t for Shanghai’s sky-opening eyes, it would be really hard to keep up with the pace of the old immortal, but as the steps stepped out, a unique sense of mystery surged in my heart, as if stepping into another space in an instant, Although the scenery in front of you is the same, it is completely different.Chapter 1556 Inexplicable ThrobbingOne old and one young stepped directly into the Hall of Gods and Demons. What surprised Shanghai was that there were no other Primordial Gods and Demons in this Hall of Gods and Demons, not even a servant. As we deepened, the terrifying momentum and majesty followed the Hall of Gods and Demons. From the depths, it was the breath that the quasi-god emperor Wa Ling exudes.Although it only came out unintentionally, this aura was so terrible that even the presence of the gods could not resist it.It\’s no wonder that there are no other Primordial Gods and Demons here. The aura emanating from the Quasi-God Emperor cannot be resisted by people of different levels. Under such pressure, those servants will sooner or later collapse. And the Quasi-God Emperor’s residence will have Who dares to come? Shanghai Xin said.Boy, don\’t make any noise, or if you are found, I won\’t be able to keep you. Old Undead warned.Yeah! Shanghai nodded, his expression becoming solemn.The aura of the quasi-god emperor became stronger and stronger, obviously getting closer and closer to Wa Ling, passing through the main passage of the Gods and Demon Temple, the two moved forward without any haste.At this time!Lao Budie stopped, his cheeks suddenly tightened, his eyes staring straight ahead.Shanghai followed the old undead gaze, and saw a woman floating in front of him at a height of one foot, full of brilliance and terrifying aura, flooding all around, almost suffocating, this woman is Wa Ling, only But now she closed her eyes tightly, as if she was asleep.However, Shanghai felt again that she seemed to be staring at herself, her heart tense subconsciously.Don\’t move, she is absorbing Hengyu\’s power. Although it is the weakest time of her perception, she seems to have noticed something. Don\’t move. Old Undead said.Shanghai did not move, and even his breathing was reduced to its lowest level, almost inaudible. With his own eyes, he felt Wa Ling was scanning the surroundings. Obviously he did not find himself and the old immortal, but it did not mean that , It may not be impossible to find out.At this time, the heartbeat in Shanghai was suppressed to the slowest moment, and the blood flow throughout the body was about to stop.Once Wa Ling notices it, it’s not just her own troubles. Bi Yuelan\’s second daughter and eldest brother may be in danger, so Shanghai must be careful and careful. Of course, he doesn’t regret following the old dying. After all, old dying Having helped himself so much, now that the old immortal needs help, he naturally has to do something.


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