\”What is this jade card?\” Jane Xi asked, pointing to a long black jade card placed on the stall.

Shanghai turned a deaf ear to it, as if he hadn\’t heard it.Seeing this in Shanghai, Uncle Le didn\’t say anything. Di Luoxuan and others also noticed that Shanghai looks different and wanted to ask, but Uncle Le stopped him with his eyes.At this moment, Shanghai\’s mood is constantly ups and downs, and it will slowly calm down after a long time. If this is really Bi Yuelan\’s own choice, then he has nothing to say, but he needs to confirm it. See Bi Yuelan with his own eyes and listen to it with his own ears. She said it.The image is really correct, but Shanghai does not believe that Bi Yuelan will remarry others so easily, because the two have experienced life and death together for several times, and they have already understood each other’s intentions. If Bi Yuelan is really so fickle If he does, he will not stick to it for more than fifty years, waiting for him to return.Uncle Le, where does this future saintly princess live now? Shanghai turned his head and asked.Brother Lin, what are you going to do?Uncle Le was taken aback and hurriedly persuaded: \”Brother Lin, I know the bitterness in your heart, but you are still young. There is no need to ruin your life on impulse for a woman. Listen to Uncle Le\’s words and practice hard. Don\’t I regret it because of a momentary error.\”Brother Lin, you should listen to Uncle Le\’s words. With your physique and ability, you have a great future. There is no need for such things… As for women, there are many in the clan, although they may not be comparable to this one. …But it won\’t be too much. Di Luoxuan also persuaded.Fighting for women with the holy king…This is not something ordinary people can think of, even if they don\’t even dare to think about it.Thank you for persuading the two of you. I have decided. Since Brother Di Luo is not convenient for you, then forget it, let\’s say goodbye. Shanghai bowed his hand, he also knew the embarrassment of Uncle Le and others, if something went wrong. , It will inevitably affect the Di Luo family.Brother Lin…No need to say more, I will visit again when I have time. After Shanghai finished speaking, he strode towards the courtyard outside.Wait! Uncle Le shouted.Shanghai stopped.Brother Lin, you saved the three young masters. My Di Luo Family should have reported back to you, but I can\’t help you with your affairs. After all, even I can\’t bear the consequences. However, my Di Luo Family does not know what to do. Reporter, the future Saint Princess is now living in the Huatian Pavilion, where there are heavy guards, I hope Brother Lin will be more careful. Uncle Le said.Thanks a lot.Brother Lin… Di Luoxuan was anxious and wanted to stop him, but was stopped by Uncle Le. He could only helplessly watch Shanghai leave the courtyard.Uncle Le, why did you tell Brother Lin… Di Luoxuan rebuked.Even if I don\’t tell him, he can still find out. It is not a big secret that the Holy Princess will live in the Huatian Pavilion in the future. What is the Huatian Pavilion? That is not something ordinary people can enter. Even if you tell him, he may not To be able to get in, instead of suppressing him and not letting him go, it is better to let him go and run into a wall. This person has a more stubborn character. If you don\’t suffer a bit, you won\’t be reconciled. Uncle Le said to the back, helpless Sighed.


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