The man who killed the leader of the city guard just now is far away and can no longer help her. Moreover, in the face of more and more powerful opponents, Jane Xi\’s only way to survive is to obtain the protection of Dan normal association.

Have this opportunity…The Six Profound God Venerable glanced at Bi Yuelan deeply, \”Girl, don\’t expect too much. Entering the Wanqi Pavilion is not as simple as you think.\”It\’s not as simple as you thought? Bi Yuelan was puzzled.Upon hearing these words, Shanghai also felt that there seemed to be something in the words of the Six Profound God Venerable, and his brows wrinkled slightly.Okay, don\’t expect too much, just get it if you can get it, forget it if you don\’t get it. The Six Profound God Venerable waved his hand, apparently reluctant to say more, and then he cast his eyes on Shanghai, \”Boy , If you want to enter the road against the sky, I will go too.\”Senior, too? Shanghai was a little surprised.How can I miss such a great opportunity? I missed an opportunity in the past. This time I can go to see it. I will be notified when I am leaving. I will go to retreat for the time being. Liuxuan Shenzun finished. , Turned around and left.Hao, are you really going to enter the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace? Bi Yuelan looked at Shanghai.Um!Brother Hao, I want to go too.I will go too. The two women cast their soliciting glances.Yeah! Shanghai nodded.I originally thought that Shanghai would refuse, and the second daughter was ready to die hard, but she didn\’t expect to agree to it so easily, and the second daughter immediately jumped for joy.Actually, Shanghai hadn’t planned to bring the second daughter with him, but the Six Profound Gods were going to go together, so the second daughter could not stay here alone. For one thing, he was not at ease, and secondly, he was worried that something might happen. They brought it up.Moreover, Bi Yuelan and Mu Ningxue are not weak in their strengths, and they also need more experience. This trip is accompanied by the Six Profound God Venerable, the danger is relatively small, after all, the Six Profound Divine Venerable is at the level of the God Venerable. If the quasi-god emperor does not come out, he is already a top-notch expert. With the Six Profound God Venerable, at least there is no need to worry too much.Afterwards!After chatting with the second girl for a while, Shanghai went back to retreat.The next day!When Shanghai returned to the hall, the two girls of Bi Yuelan were also ready, and the three of them were waiting, because not long ago, Leng Yihang had already sent out a sound transmission and could be back in an hour at most, so the three of them waited in the hall. NS.suddenly!


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