All the seven old people are level 4 alchemists. Now they are at the same level as Jane Xi. However, their alchemy is not one or two points worse than Jane Xi. Therefore, the seven people are deliberately making good friends with Jane Xi. The reason can be explained only by Jian Xi\’s age. A level 4 alchemist in his early twenties has unlimited future!

Everyone, be careful, these two are weird.Don\’t worry about so many, kill them first before talking. As they spoke, the three strong men were about to take action.Bang bang…There were two explosions, these two powerful men had already exploded, their bodies turned into flying ashes, and the weird patterns that circulated on them suddenly landed on the ground, moving towards the powerful men at an extremely fast speed. Rushing, these lines swim like worms and snakes.What is this?Be careful with these things and don\’t let them get close. The powerful people have swollen with extremely powerful power. The weird lines that rushed in, the moment they touched everyone\’s power, they all faded, some He even made a weird and piercing cry.I saw that some lines did not subside, but were turned over by the force. After turning a few times on the ground, those lines gradually turned into a weird creature with only fingers as thick as a snake, with a big head. The tail is thin, without eyes, and the mouth is huge, with a row of small sharp teeth.What the hell is this?I haven\’t seen it, probably some kind of Primordial creature.Fortunately, they shook them away.The strong men in the front breathed a sigh of relief. They thought it was something terrible, but they didn’t expect that these things would die as soon as they were shaken away. Then many strong men slightly withdrew their protective power, just as the power was withdrawn. Suddenly the weird creatures that had died on the ground rushed forward at a speed more than ten times faster than before.what……They even pretended to be dead.The expressions of the powerful men suddenly changed, but they were not afraid, and they quickly gathered their protective forces. Anyway, as long as the protective forces were born, they would be able to shake away these weird creatures.At this time!Hundreds of weirdThe creatures turned into lines again, and this time they were not shaken apart, but attached to the protective force. They followed the protective force and moved quickly inward, as if they were integrated with these protective forces.what……The screams came, and the three strong men were immediately attached to their bodies by these weird creatures. They trembled violently, as if they were suffering terrible pain, and the next scene made everyone\’s hearts cold. This The vitality of the three strong men who were attached to disappeared instantly. They stood quietly on the spot, their eyes were round, and their bodies were constantly swimming with weird lines.These lines intersect and separate from time to time. Each time they intersect, the number will increase, and then quickly spread to the whole body of the three strong men who were attached to them. They moved slightly, just like the two strong men just now, staggering. , His head hung down.


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