The out of body friar also felt a little bad. Without thinking about it, he rushed into the array. He didn\’t believe it. As an out of body friar, he was already a first-class expert in the Renhua mainland. He really didn\’t believe what this array could do to him.

What a terrible sound wave…Shanghai suddenly became solemn and took a deep breath. As the ancient demon regenerated, his broken chest slowly recovered.Who on earth is making the roar?There was a slight tremor in Shanghai\’s heart, and he was able to make such a terrifying voice. At least the owner of the voice possessed the strength above the level of a god general.The weak water did not stop, but continued to move forward. It seemed that there was no fear of this voice. Shanghai hesitated for a moment, and decided to follow up and see what was going on. As it continued to move forward, the spirit of one person, one law has gone. It took nearly two hours.The number of Primordial Gods and Demons on the Four Walls has reached an astonishing one million. Such a huge number has shocked Shanghai. A million Primordial Gods and Demons, even though each one has only the level of the strength of the Elementary Gods, is one. A terrifying force.The ancient times…In that glorious era, what happened, first the ancient gods and demons disappeared, and then the ancient gods disappeared. Even because of the changes of the times, it is impossible to let these two transcendent races disappear. It is very likely that something has happened. …Ow…Shocking roar came.This time the impact was more powerful than the previous one. Shanghai\’s eyes were dazzling, and he quickly punched out. Under the surging of the nameless magical skills, thousands of magical skills were formed, and under the punch, they slammed into the sound wave. In the midst, it was completely shattered, even so, he was shocked to take three steps backwards.At this time, the weak water moved, swiping out quickly, and at the same time, there were waves of water on its body, as if it was ready to shoot.Upon seeing this, Shanghai quickly followed.A bright light appeared at the other end of the tunnel, which was obviously nearing the end.咻咻…The spirit of one person, one law drove out of the passage.This is… Shanghai stared at the scene in front of him dumbfounded, almost stunned, \”How come…\”Endless \”mountains\” are suspended high or low in the sky. No, these are not \”mountains\”, but are made from the purest essence of God\’s origin. Each \”mountain\” is covered with all kinds of The brand of simple and mysterious, one or more ancient gods and demons were sealed inside.These Primordial Gods and Demons are completely different from those seen before. They are not quietly asleep or long gone, but all are awakened. Each of the Primordial Gods and Demons opened their eyes angrily, their eyes were red, and their mouths kept making a sound. The roar of sound.However, these roars were all eliminated by the ancient seals on the \”Mountains\” and did not come out, but these Primordial Gods and Demons were still roaring and struggling, as if they were about to break free from the \”Mountains\”.


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