Of course, Lu Fang\’s answer completely calmed Jane Xi and said, \”well, I\’ll meet them in the reception hall.\”.

Why don\’t you talk to him so nonsense, let him go first. The strong behind Tu Long spoke one after another, and some were already ready to move.Shut up all to me. Bi Yuelan said angrily, with seven string lights bursting out of her body. Under the Eucharist of the wonderful sound of the divine piano, rolling sound waves swept past. The strong man who had been close suddenly felt a sense of crisis. , The subconscious wave force resists.Bang bang bang…More than 20 strong men were shocked and flew out on the spot, hitting the enchantment of the Centrifugal Hall one after another. Some were shattered by the shock on the spot, and some were vomiting blood and fainted. They were all severely injured and completely lost their combat effectiveness. , As for the strong one who was far away, he was shocked to bleed from Qiqiao.Looking at the sound waves that swept over, Tu Long and the others\’ expressions changed instantly. They never expected that Bi Yuelan\’s strength was so terrifying.boom……Tu Long\’s five fingers shot out and hit the sound wave with a fierce palm, before it shattered, but it was shocked to take a step back.As for Biyuelan, it has slowly risen into the sky, and the whole body is filled with seven-color strings of light, and a blue gauze dances without wind, like a celestial immortal descending to the earth, beautiful, and on her body, nine immortal shadows linger, I can only see She held the guqin obliquely in one hand, and pressed the other hand on the strings.Dingqiang…The strings played slightly, Bi Yuelan said nothing, her right hand was constantly stirring the strings, and every time she was stirred, a peculiar rhythm would be gathered all over her body. As these rhythms continued to gather, the nine fairy shadows behind her More and more cohesive.Take action, can\’t let her continue to play. Tu Long\’s expression changed. He already felt the terrible threat contained in the Biyuelan piano sound. Although it didn\’t understand the rhythm, there were also practitioners who practiced the rhythm in the Temple of Shaking Heaven, and he had also understood it. Some.But those who practice music are basically not strong, because every time they make a move, they must continue to gather momentum, and when the momentum reaches the limit, they will send out a powerful attack and kill, but in the fight, Who would allow the temperamentists to fully gather the momentum, so every time the temperament practitioners have no time to prepare, they have been defeated.Bi Yuelan’s first tone is so terrifying. If it is gathered at the back, wouldn’t it be even more terrifying. Tu Long immediately understood why Shanghai wanted Bi Yuelan to take action. This woman does have terrible strength, fundamentally She can\’t be treated like a strong person who practices the same temperament.In an instant!The powerhouses of the Temple of Heaven Shaking have shot one after another, and various magical skills have been played one after another. These powerhouses are already top-notch among their peers. The power of a single shot is terrible, let alone so many people. , Even Bai Zhi standing behind felt suffocated by the power of attack.Shanghai didn\’t move, and didn\’t intend to help, while the little beast was lying on his shoulders, constantly gnawing some fruits, his eyelids moved from time to time, and he just glanced at it, as if he already knew the result.Boom boom boom…A large number of magical skills came blasting out, and I saw a hint of silver in Biyuelan’s beautiful eyes, and the nine fairy shadows surrounding her slowly turned, and all the power of attacking and killing magical skills hit the nine fairy shadows. , Constantly blasting it into distortion, as if it might break at any time.Senior Brother Lin, don\’t we need to help Senior Sister Bi? Bai Zhi worried.No. Shanghai shook his head. He has strong confidence in Bi Yuelan, because he was only in the temple, and that time he used the power of the three supreme gods to use the power of the combination of three supreme gods. It can be seen that Bi Yuelan How strong is the strength of.


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