His cold heart was also invaded by a trace of warmth. He looked up and looked at him. A pair of concerned eyes were looking at him.

boom……The majesty of the Nine Types of Taishi, accompanied by the Thunder God Spear, slammed on the chest of Old Monster Nantian, but when the spear pierced three inches, it was blocked by a terrifying force. It is the power of thousands of immortal Yin Ling.Can\’t go further…Shanghai\’s eyes dazzled.Haha, kid, let me die. The old man Nantian laughed wildly and waved a palm, and the world burst. Accompanied by this palm, the strange sound wave hit Shanghai\’s body fiercely, and the whole body suddenly collapsed. It was broken, and spread quickly like a spider web.Shanghai became stiff and could no longer move.It deserves it. It\’s really unrepentant to chase and kill the general. The palm contains not only the power of the god general of the body, but also the power of thousands of ancient Yin spirits in the soul-calling banner. No matter how strong your body is , The same will die in the hands of the god general, and when the god will draw out your soul, let you live forever in the pain of soul refining and forging… The old monster Nan Tian sneered coldly and stretched out his hand after he said it.Suddenly, the Thunder Spear stabbed in the chest of Old Monster Nantian suddenly spun at high speed, like a spinning top. Another even more terrifying force burst out from the front of the chest to the back, and the Old Monster Nantian was startled. Looking at Shanghai blankly.I saw it!Shanghai, which is almost completely broken, seemed to be pulled by countless suctions. The broken body was pulled back abruptly, and the cracks above it were recovering quickly. Even the stalemate himself quickly recovered. The look.The method of rebirth of gods and demons…The old monster Nantian exclaimed: \”You…you…impossible, even if you have the method of regenerating gods and demons, your body has already been completely shattered, how can it be restored in an instant…\”Nothing is impossible. Shanghai snorted. As he reached the level of the Fourth World Exalted, the regeneration of the ancient demon has also reached a higher level. Now his ancient demon regeneration is so strong that as long as the sea of ​​consciousness is not completely broken on the spot, it will all operate. Below, can make the body completely recover.Of course, it can only be used once. The next time, you have to wait for the blood power of the ancient demon in the body to fully recover. This is only the level of the fourth world deity. Shanghai is estimated to reach the fifth or sixth world, even if the head is broken. , I can also recover instantly.And that special piece of jade…This object is in the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness in Shanghai. After absorbing the mysterious atmosphere, some special lines appeared on the jade pieces, which Shanghai could not recognize, but these lines are extremely ancient, even so old that they are hard to trace back to the ancient times. It may be left over from the time before the immemorial age.What is the specific thing, and the mysterious atmosphere, Shanghai can only wait to study it slowly in the future, now we will solve the Nantian Boss first.No… don\’t kill me… Old Monster Nantian felt the deadly danger.Don\’t kill you? Shanghai shook his head slightly.If it’s just one encounter, it’s just a dispute between the two because of their interests. Shanghai will not pursue it to the end. However, they were framed and hunted down by the Nantian Boss repeatedly and almost destroyed the foundation. Before, there was no power, so Shanghai had no choice. , Can only save lives.


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