Hua linger was already sitting at the table of others. At this time, she said something about the owner. Even if she mixed again, she knew it was too much. Although looking at Jane Xi\’s jealous little face still made her suffocate, she nodded with no ambition to make Gao Shuang look depressed. She thought, Let this silly girl who has no brain make another noise and let Jane Xi lose her face.

Sen Luo jumped up and said with a haha ​​smile: \”Great, I\’m healed, all the old problems have been washed away…Huh? Shanghai, what are you doing?\”Refining the wild patterns. Shanghai said casually.Bang!There was a sound from the wild pattern god furnace.It\’s finished, I don\’t know if it succeeded. Shanghai didn\’t wait for Sen Luo to ask, and directly opened the refining furnace, and then two sharp lights shot out from the furnace…Chapter 1177For this year’s Taishi election, only Shanghai was elected. Although there was only one, for the senior officials of Ancient Xuanzong, no one can compare with this one. In order to avoid accidents, Gu Xuanzong decided to keep a low profile. Hold the ceremony of Taishi.Therefore, this time the ceremony, only the suzerain Gu Tianya, three Golden Sword elders, and seven Silver Sword elders performed a brief celebration in the main hall.After finishing all the rituals, Gu Tianya slowly turned his head and looked at Shanghai apologetically, \”Lin Taishi, you understand the nine swords of Taishi, this matter is of great significance to Gu Xuanzong, in order to avoid accidents, So I will hold this big gift briefly…\”The ancient sect master doesn\’t need to be like this. The Taishi ceremony is simpler and better. Shanghai doesn\’t like having too many people present. Shanghai said.He also doesn’t like being too conspicuous. After all, he is here to find his parents. If there is any opponent on his parents’ side, he will find himself and threaten his father and mother with himself, that’s quite wrong, so he can Try to be as low-key as possible.Hearing this, Gu Tianya nodded slightly, his eyes filled with approval.It is quite good to be able to understand the way to converge, especially in the younger generation of strong people. Very few understand this. After all, young strong people are quite arrogant as long as they have higher qualifications, plus young and energetic. , Most like to be in the limelight.Originally, he was worried that Shanghai did not like this kind of simple ceremony, but now it seems that his worry is a little redundant.Lin Taishi understands this truth at a young age, it\’s really precious.In the future, the realm of Lin Taishi will surely surpass me, but we still need to practice hard. The three Golden Sword elders laughed again and again.It is very rare to see a person who has comprehended the Nine Swords of Taishi in his lifetime. As long as Shanghai grows up, is he still afraid of not reaching the peak of the old Xuanzong? Of course, it also has to grow up. There are many people with aptitudes that are against the sky, and they often perish when they are young.chant……Suddenly, there was a violent sword sound from the top of the peak, and the suzerain Gu Tianya and others frowned slightly.It\’s the sound of sword salute, a distinguished guest has visited. A golden sword elder said in a deep voice.


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