But it\’s much better than when Xinyu was four years old. Jian Xi sighed.

Ling Xuan Fox and the others stayed in a daze, and then flew up and landed on the huge head of the Black Gold Evil Beast. Standing on it, their footsteps were a bit vain. Only then did the Black Gold Evil Beast slap hundreds of powerful people to death. Even the scene where the Holy Lord was filmed to pieces was still circling in his mind, and there was still some fear in my heart for the black gold evil beast.Second brother, this is the healing pill given by the eighth younger brother, please use it soon. Lingxuanhao handed out some pill. Although it is not a god pill, it is also a top healing pill. Injuries, using these pills is enough.Okay! Lingxuan Fox didn\’t ask much, immediately took the Ling Pill and swallowed it down.Roar……Under the huge roar of the Wujin evil beast, the strong man who had been besieged and killed was once again shocked and killed, striding across it all the way.Looking at the Wujin evil beast, Lingxuanhu and others are completely dumbfounded. This is a strange beast, it is simply a monster. There is no strong person that can stop it, even if it is the Supreme Lord. Blocking was also bombarded instantly.horrible……Ling Xuanhu and others took a breath of air.Just as the Wujin evil beasts slaughtered all quarters, the powerhouses of hundreds of worlds who had been fighting together suddenly began to retreat.Return?How come you suddenly retreated…Could it be because of it! Ling Xuanya pointed at the Wujin evil beast at his feet.It should be that the strength of this black gold evil beast that the eighth brother conquered is too terrifying, and the powerhouses who have killed those different worlds have no power to fight back. Ling Xuanhao said.Shanghai did not say anything, but looked solemnly at the powerhouses of the hundreds of worlds who retreated. Although the Wujin evil beasts are strong, if the powerhouses of the hundreds of small worlds are willing to pay some price, they will send a world-class powerhouse to encircle. If it is killed, its effect will also be limited.obviously!These powerhouses in another world didn\’t retreat suddenly, but because the main force was about to arrive soon, there was no need to continue wasting combat power.At this time!The nine gods who were fighting against the three sacred beasts suddenly turned and flew back, retreating from the four-sided defense formation. This big formation could not enter, so it was impossible to stop the nine gods. In addition, The Mo Xu and others who were fighting against Ling Zhantian also retreated one after another.gone?Strange, they clearly have an advantage, why are they leaving? The alien master Brute said in a deep voice.


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