Jane Xi looked at the couple. They were not dead, but the next moment, Jane Xi also found black spots like their daughter in their bodies, which were eroding their vitality. The black spots in their brains were constantly emitting black lines and spreading into their brains, as if they were weaving a big black net in their brains.

The words of Young Master Tun Xi made Shanghai\’s mood turbulent, because he never thought that there would be a breakthrough force when he broke through the Four Worlds Reincarnation Artistic Conception Great Perfection level, which he had never understood before. of.Senior, I am only at the level of the reincarnation artistic conception of the Fourth Blessed One. I don\’t know when to reach the fourth Blessed Zun reincarnation artistic conception, let alone break through to the degree of the sixth Blessed Zun reincarnation artistic perfection. Shanghai said helplessly.After reaching the level of the Four World Zun’s reincarnation artistic conception, Shanghai felt that the energy and time required for each increase in the artistic conception were several times, or even dozens of times, the sum of the previous ones. But he is not so sure whether he can reach the Great Perfection of the Fourth Blessed One\’s Reincarnation Artistic Conception after absorption, let alone the Sixth Blessed One\’s Reincarnation Artistic Perfection degree.Since I have said, there is a way for you to achieve the Great Perfection of the Sixth Blessed One\’s Reincarnation Artistic Conception, but you have to rely on yourself for the specific success, and you have to take a big risk, and there is even a 90% chance of death. … said Young Master Tun Xi.Chapter 1087Able to reach the Great Perfection of the Sixth Blessed One\’s Reincarnation Artistic Conception…If someone else said this sentence, Shanghai would definitely not believe it, but if it was said by Young Master Tun Xi who had lived for 10 million years, it would be different.It\’s just that 90% or more of the chance of death… Isn\’t it a lifetime of nine deaths?Shanghai can tell that Young Master Tun Xi is by no means alarmist, it should be possible. After nine deaths, this risk is indeed too great, and if you are not careful, you will perish.But do you have a choice now?If you don\’t fight for it, you can only passively wait for the divine law to kill again, and at that time, they have lost a lot of relying on them, and they can only be slaughtered by the divine law.Shanghai knows very well that the Divine Law will not let him go easily. Once he falls into the hands of this person, it will definitely be more painful to live than to die. And he is different from Divine Law, and the Divine Law wants to kill him. In the same way, he also wanted to kill the gods and avenge his grandfather, eldest brother and others.Thinking back to the past, Shanghai has experienced how many perils since embarking on the journey of cultivation, almost every time it was a life of nine deaths.Since I didn\’t really die, what I was afraid of this time, I would die if I didn\’t fight, and if I fight, I still have a chance to survive, and I can even break through to the level of the Sixth Blessed One\’s Reincarnation Artistic Realm Great Perfection.Fight!Shanghai made a decision.Senior, what is the solution? Shanghai asked.Take the ancient path. Young Master Tun Xi said.Take the Ancient Way? Both Shanghai and Ming Yuyan were puzzled. It was the first time they heard of the so-called Taigu Way.Yes, just take the path of the ancient times.


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