Now the chejian city is a real mortal city under the fengshu kingdom. Generally, most immortals rely on flying or flying magic tools or spirit tools when they travel with Yanbi city and Yanwu mountains. Few people walk on the ground like Jian Xi. They come and go quickly and freely, You won\’t settle down in any mortal city without any immortal resources. Therefore, everything in the mortal country is basically maintained here, but all this makes Jane Xi curious who has never had this experience, such as the shy young boy just now.

Whoever shot has nothing to do with me. Fighting under the Tower of God has violated my sect\’s rules, and we are going to deal with it according to the sect\’s rules. The blue-scale armored man in the lead said in a deep voice.It\’s a good one to deal with the rules of the clan, do you mean that if I don\’t want to violate the rules of the clan, I have to be restrained and let the other party kill it? Ming Yuyan couldn\’t help but say.presumptuous!The rules of the Tianzhanzong, what qualifications do you have to judge?The three clansman came out in full force and pointed straight to Shanghai, but as the momentum touched, they disappeared unexpectedly, which made the three clansmen frown.Since this is the rule of the Tianzhanzong, then I have nothing to say, let\’s go. Shanghai glanced at the Huashen Pagoda. At the top level, he felt two eyes, although it was hidden, but He was still aware of it.Stop! The three patriarchs suddenly stood in front of Shanghai and the others.What else do you want to do? Mu Ningxue was a little annoyed. Originally, Shanghai had the opportunity to enter the Tian Zhanzong, but it was destroyed. That\’s all, Tian Zhanzong eliminated Shanghai\’s qualifications without asking why. This is really deceptive.You killed five invited strong men in the Tower of Gods, you must follow us to get the crime. The blue-scale armored man in the lead said coldly.Get the crime?Now even Ming Yuyan was angry, \”What are we guilty of? Those five people killed me and waited? Don\’t let us fight back? They are not as good as others and were killed by me. That is what they deserve, you guys. What qualifications does the Tian Zhan Sect have for us to pick up sins?\”This is the style of the Tianzhanzong? Great bullying? We are both inviters, why the difference in treatment is so big? Could it be that we are from a million small world, and the other party is the so-called young powerhouse of God\’s Domain, So can you treat them differently? Mu Ningxue also said angrily.The faces of the three sects suddenly turned red and white. Although what Mu Ningxue said was incomplete, it was almost the same. They did favor Le Gong and the others. After all, these five were the powerhouses on the other side of God\’s Domain. In the event of an accident, the clan will definitely be held accountable.If these three clansmen wanted to avoid being held accountable, they had to be blamed, and the candidates naturally fell on the heads of the group of people in Shanghai. In their view, these six people were just the powerhouses of a million small worlds. After taking it back, no matter whether it is killed or plucked, it is a matter within the clan.Nonsense.Toast and not eat fine wine. I really thought that I would not dare to move you. The powerhouses in the mere million small world would dare to shout here.The two clansmen flew into a rage, and immediately rushed away from the sky.Go back! Shanghai spit out this sentence, his body swayed slightly.Bang…The two clansmen had been hit hard, and they had retreated a hundred meters away. They were repelled in full view. The two of them suddenly became angry. They immediately gathered their power and prepared to kill the killer. But at this moment, the two noticed the strangeness on their chests. Only then did he discover that there was a deep fist mark on the blue scale armor on his chest.


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