Jane Xi flashed out of the realm of cherishing fate. Waving away the wooden bed and the bottles and cans, she stayed in the underground cave clean, just as when Jane Xi came before, Jane Xi took out the jade bottles and four jade boxes again. In each jade box, there is a two circle pill halo and a one circle pill halo broken thunder pill. The remaining two circle pill halo broken thunder pills are put into the last jade box, and the other 182 circles and four three circle pills halo broken thunder pills are collected by her. These unique pills are not given to these people, even if Jane Xi doesn\’t know the rules of the immortal world. But just now, seeing Jian Nan\’s amazing performance, she also felt how precious and rare the three circles of Dan halo breaking thunder Dan in her hand, that is, the best Dan medicine, so she put away all the remaining four best breaking thunder Dan. For the sake of average, she also put away one two circles of Dan halo breaking thunder Dan, so that after they evenly distributed it, There can also be one for themselves. If they don\’t take one, it will make them doubt that they have cut off the rest, so it\’s better to leave room for one to dispel their doubts.

The blockade net became tighter and tighter, and after Ming Yuyan recovered a little bit, she was ready to continue her action.suddenly!The entire blockade web shrank sharply, and the speed was several times faster than before, and it was instantly attached to Shanghai. With the contraction, the blockade ability of the blockade web skyrocketed, and Ming Yuyan shot again, and this time it hit the blockade. On the Internet, it can no longer be dimmed.How to do……Ming Yuyan was anxious.Seeing that Shanghai was about to be captured, condensed to the extreme of the blockade, there was a strange tremor. Shanghai, which was tied inside, raised his head with difficulty, his pupils gleaming with endless darkness, and there were a lot of light spots inside. It is as if the vastness of the sky is contained in it.Suddenly, a strange breath circulated on the blocked net. This was the power of the ancient demon\’s sacred body. Even the stars could not block the ancient demon, let alone a blockade net.Roar……Shanghai raised his head and roared, and the whole body burst out with incomparable bronze light, which contained the terrifying power of the overlord.boom……The blockade net exploded, and the red rays of light were shattered. Thousands of guards and chief guards were all weathered, and even the armor on their bodies was completely turned into fly ash, and they dissipated one after another.what……The direct descendants of the True Underworld God Clan stared straight, and the original clamor stopped abruptly.Chapter 1002: That Secretboom……There was a loud noise coming from the sky, the leader moved, the whole body was filled with suffocating majesty, and the residence not far away could not bear this amazing force, it was completely broken, and the reddish ancient armor was filled. With a strong defense, even the direct descendants of the True Underworld Protoss in the distance had to release the divine might to resist this terrifying mighty power.Shanghai, you killed the strong defenders and violated the gods of God Lincheng, sin is unforgivable, damn… The general shouted angrily, grabbing out with one hand, and the power of the world filled with the whole arm, just like Like the arms of the gods, it contains incomparable power.Facing this blow, Shanghai stepped forward, his right fist slammed straight, and the bronze light exploded.Although it\’s just a simple punch, it contains the power of the ancient demon sacred body, which is derived from the power of the ancient demon in the ancient era. Generals at the main level.boom……


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