Why did it suddenly appear? And why hunt the ancient beasts, absorb the purest drop of blood, and then go back and leave?

Yilan shook her head helplessly when she heard her sister’s voice. She knew her sister’s personality very well, but she was too kind, even if she faced the strong in God’s Domain, she couldn’t bear to be cruel, so often Suffer.Naturally, Yilan also hopes that Shanghai will come out alive. If these characters grow up, they have the hope of becoming a guard, provided that they can leave alive.Boom boom boom…Rushing from left to right, Shanghai constantly waved the gate of the transformation, rushing in all directions, but every time it was shocked back, more than two hundred cultivators from different worlds were surrounded, like an iron bucket, not moving, except every time you were caught Except for the few people who were slightly injured, the others are still intact.Ming Yuyan wanted to help, but was stopped by Shanghai.How long do you plan to hide the true strength?Shenlong stared at Shanghai with a hint of impatience. The excitement was almost gone, and his patience was almost gone. After this time, he never looked at Shanghai squarely. In his opinion, he wants to win. This is just a matter of every second.suddenly!Shanghai put away the evil spirit spear, staring at Shenlong not far away, \”You have no plans to shoot now?\”Just put away the evil spirit spear, and provoked Shenlong.This made everyone couldn\’t help being surprised, and at the same time revealed a strange color.Is he kidding? Even more than two hundred strong men can\’t deal with it, and they want to provoke Shenlong? A guard of God\’s Domain sneered.I guess I know I can\’t rush out, and I intend to lead Shenlong in to single-handedly. This idea is correct against ordinary people. It can be used to deal with the second world\’s Shenlong. It is really stupid. Honglie\’s mouth twitched a few times, eyes full of contempt. And disdain.Yilan and others didn’t say anything, but they also felt that Shanghai was too arrogant and his ability was okay, but his personality was too public. If he is really strong and capable, publicity would be taken for granted. If Zhang Yang said, it would be asking for trouble.If you can defeat them, you are barely qualified to fight with me. Shenlong pointed at more than two hundred strong men indifferently.them?Shanghai glanced at it at random, his eyes flashed with brilliant light, without saying more, when he moved his body, his body erupted like a torrent of loud noises, and the speed of the whole person reached the extreme.Anonymous magic!The void of the teleportation array was slightly distorted, and a domineering punch was thrown out.boom……


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